This Diwali, Give Yourself the Gift of Comfort With Portico

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This Diwali, Give Yourself the Gift of Comfort With Portico

The festival of lights and happiness is around the corner, and we couldn’t be more in a mood for celebration. It’s a time for unrestrained joy where there is a riot of colours and lights. Diwali celebrants dress up, exchange gifts and visit the houses of relatives to wish them and exchange good wishes and sweets. 

Children light up too, everyone in their new garbs, illuminating the dull streets and houses with illuminating diyas and rangolis too. Before everyone gets busy with Diwali festivities, people spruce up their homes with lanterns and rangolis. They also clean their house to make it look speckless and clean. What’s a better time to lighten up your house with more comfort and liveliness?

This Diwali, combine your love for luxury and joy of decorating by bringing home decor items that are timeless and a statement on their own. During this year we celebrate Diwali in our own houses due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, it has to be a Diwali to remember. While you’re holed up in your personal space, it is vital to make sure your home has the right tone. 

Bedrooms are one of the most critical personal spaces and nothing like your bedding and walls that brighten up your room. Your bed sheets have to add colour, style, and comfort to your room. Besides the bed sheet, dohars can also add timeless qualities to your comfort zone. 

Dohars are traditional Indian summer blankets that are of 3 layers at least. The sheets are airy and very breathable. They are specially made of mulmul, cotton muslin that feel super soft. Since it is made of pure cotton, it keeps one cool during summer and warm on winter nights. 

Traditionally, the first layer was hand printed with block printing methods and given colourful and subtle tones. You’ll fall in love with its touch and feel, the colours and the cotton are that soft!

You can also check out the beautiful dohars by Portico. You’ll find a variety of sizes, whether single or double bed. They are very easy to maintain and use too. You can easily wash them in the washing machine. 

They can also be placed over your bed or comfortable chairs as a decorative piece to add a touch of comfort. Drape it over your bed as a lightweight coverlet. But don’t get confused between a dohar, a comforter set and a duvet. 

Duvets have a soft filler which will be made of either synthetic fibres or wool or silk. They are generally white and are covered with duvet covers.

Comforters are thick fluffy blankets, which we call razai in Hindi. They are quilted, unlike dohars which are stitched. 

The colourful variety of Portico can be a great way to spruce up your bedrooms. Its breathable fabric will instantly put you to sleep and feel so soft on your skin. You can also coordinate the colours of each with the bedroom decor and add a sense of aesthetic look to each bedroom. 

With over 100 choices and various colour combinations, this Diwali, you’ll be spoiled for choice. 


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