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Theology and Religion Studies Term Paper Topics

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Theology and Religion Studies Term Paper Topics

A List of Term Paper Topics
An Argument for the separation of Religion in the Doctrines of Hobbes, Rousseau and Hegel.

An analysis of religion and politics and how the theories of Hegel, Rousseau, and Hobbes argue for the presentation of the two in their respective rights. By understanding how religion affects politics I this manner, we can see if it belongs in a mutual correlation with each other.

An Argument: God, knowledge and faith.

A paper supporting knowledge to have precedence over faith based on the arguments of Rene Descartes and Anselm.

An Assessment of Robert H. Mounce’ s Text: The Book of Revelations.

In this topic to write my paper a writer examines R. H. Mounce's work, "The Book of Revelations". This paper addresses many of the key features of this book, such as Mounce's assessment of language, symbolism, and the nature of Christ within this text.

An Compare and Contrast of martin Luther and John Calvin.

This is essay will show the similarities and differences of Martin Luther and John Calvin's theological attributes. Also, an analysis of how these theologies compared with Christian doctrine, and why they held such a mass appeal for their followers.

An Evangelical Summary of the Old Testament.

This paper summarizes the Old Testament, emphasizing upon the sovereignty of God and the doctrine if redemption.

An Examination of The Spanish Inquisition.

This paper will discus the Spanish Inquisition and the elements that were attributed to its creation, the way that court procedures were done, and the policies that would incriminate a heretic if they were arrested for beliefs antagonistic to the Catholic faith. The book by Cecil Roth entitled "The Spanish Inquisition" will be used to discover the facts, while documents related to the study of court procedures will be sued to understand the materials here.

An Exegesis of Matthew 1:18.

This paper examines this biblical passage and the textual variants and disputed translations that may exist.

An Exploration of Multiple Points of the Torah.

This paper examines four points of research into the Torah. 1) What is the justification for asserting that Torah is foundational to the rest of Christian Scripture? 2) Discuss the relationship between the universality of Genesis 1-11 and the particularity of the rest of Torah. 3) Discuss the theological significance of a text of your choice in light of its placement in Torah. 4) How would you assess the issue of historicity as it pertains to Torah?

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