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The Top SEO Services

Search engine optimization is the niche which belongs to the digital marketing field. The demand for SEO is growing, the SEO rules are changing continuously. The website should be optimized based on the guidelines of SEO.

Firstly, I want to explain, what is SEO...? SEO is the process of improving website visibility in the SERP by various means like optimizing the content, optimizing the code. This is a type in digital marketing that works organically unlike PPC.

The SEO is not for the people who expect instant results, it is the time-consuming process. There are many factors which are involved in SEO, the website should be evaluated based on all the factors of SEO. Now let us study the SEO.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO directly works with the content and structure of the website. The factors involved in this type are listed below.

  • Title

Tile is of two types in SEO, normal title and SEO title. Normal title can be seen on the website, it will be embedded in the header tags.

SEO title can be seen on the SERP, the optimal title should consist of 50-60 characters.
  • Description 

The description gives information about the website, the description should be attractive. The visitor reads the description of the website before clicking the website. The description range should not exceed more than 160 characters.

  • Keywords 

The proper keywords should be embedded in the HTML code of the website because our website will be recognized by the search engines based on the keywords.

  • Image 

The images which are used on the website should be attractive and informative. The images should make the visitor spend more time on the website. 

  • Alt tag

The alt tag is essential for all the images because it is useful for the people who are suffering from vision impairment. When the image is not loaded it displays the description of the image.

  • URL

The URL of the website should be user-friendly, the URL should convey the proper message about which part of the website the visitor is.

  • Content 

The content of the website should be attractive and impressive, the visitor should not feel bored by the content of the website.

  • Spelling 

Spelling mistakes are a common problem while writing the content but before updating the content to the website it is important to check the content.

  • Plagiarism

Copying the content is dangerous in digital marketing, the content that we write should be 100% unique. The copied content will be identified by the search engines and it affects the website rank.

  •  Header tags 

There are 6 header tags that are used while designing the website like h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 and h6. The h1 tags should be used only once, h2 tags can be used twice, h3,h4,h5 and h6 tags can be used multiple times. 

These are the rules given by the search engines, it is mandatory to follow to get a good rank.

  • Mobile friendly

The website will work well with the desktop there is no doubt about it. Meanwhile, it is important to check the website whether it is compatible with the mobile users.

  • Website speed

The speed of the website should be checked on a regular basis. You can test the speed of the website with the help of various online tools. None of the visitors have the patience to wait until the page loads.


The above are the important factors that are used in SEO to optimize the website and the SEO has become essential for all the websites. The guidelines are not static, they are dynamic and can be changed at any time. I request you to share your review of this blog.

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