The Principal Guidebook of 15 Ideas to Plan for Your Next Move!

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The Principal Guidebook of 15 Ideas to Plan for Your Next Move!

Whenever we talk about relocations, there is one prime guideline that follows all the time, everywhere – it is ‘Always Begin Early’ so you have ample time and patience to look into the ‘Last Minute Shortfalls’ that shows up in the process, all of a sudden. Relocations are like this – it is a whirlpool of surprises and stressful events, so make sure you give yourself and your moving day strategy sufficient time and there is no delay in hiring the moving experts for the assignment. You can hire specialists – from Agarwal Packers – who will take away the hassle and shoulder the complicated packing and moving tasks for you.

Apart from that, make sure you check out our principal guidebook of relocation ideas we have mentioned below! We have sorted the guidebook into three major parts – called phases. Every phase has 3 useful moving ideas/tips that you can follow and integrate into your moving day planner and enjoy a stress-free, memorable move. So let’s begin!

Phase 3 – The Preliminary Stage of Planning

•    You can begin with designing a moving folder that will have your planner. This file has all the documents denoting the progress of your preparation. Have an emergency contact list, along with the moving quotations you collected and other papers and proofs.

•    If you have to collect papers or fulfill formalities from banks or other organizations, do that now. Furnish all your authorized documents and if they are not yet prepared, get that done first. By the time you reach your final moving day, make sure you have your identity proof, health records, employment papers, license and house papers, birth and marriage certificates with you.

• Finally, make arrangements. Check your bank balance once your retrieve some amount for the moving expenses, and other associated costs you will be paying for, in the transit days. Designate some amount for security purposes and keep that sum away from where you are keeping the principal amount.

Phase 2 – The Intermediate Stage of Groundwork

• Begin working on your household items. If there are articles that need to be disposed of the straightaway, do that before you prepare the rest of your appliances and furniture for the move. We recommend you to pull out and keep aside the items you won’t need anytime soon – the special dining set, the chinaware, the crockery and décor items – the sculptures, paintings, etc. – you can pack these items first.

• As mentioned above, these items would most likely be handled by you and not the professionals, given their fragility and value. So, do that take a break to focus on the washing and cleaning of the electronic items you have – the oven, the dishwasher, the stove, and the refrigerator that would have residues of oil, dust, and grime. Wipe them dry so they could be handled by the professionals fromAgarwal Packers and Movers.

• Get rid of the segregated items either by organizing a backyard sale or giving them out at a discounted rate in the online marketplace. Collect any essential documents or prescriptions that you want for you or your toddler, because even a slight change in the atmosphere and bundled moving stress often takes a toll on health. Have medicines and other necessary arrangements in place.

Phase 1 – The Final Stage of Preparation

• Time to focus on your workstation needs. Since you have taken a break and are working from home, make sure you have an updated mailing system so you can keep a check on the incoming messages and notifications before the moving day. Alongside, place a request for your address change to the authorities so that all your active accounts can be altered with your new contact information.

• Have a discussion with the moving company again about the moving day schedule and see if your insurance cover is up and active. You must also talk to your family insurance service provider to talk over how things would be communicated from now and ensure your car and home insurance policies have been renewed for at least the next six months so you can get back to it, only after some time.

• Look into your packing progress – how many of the items have been managed and the list of times that are left to be packed. See if there is any need for additional packing supplies and how you can get them from the local stores in a short while, without requesting the movers for the same. The professionals anyway bring the required equipment – (supplies and tools) and there hardly comes a scope of shortage, but even if there is any need, make sure you fulfill it at the earliest.

Bonus Tips:

• On the final day, make sure you have your stomach full because you have a long journey to make.

• Go through the packages for one last time to see they are fit and fine and sufficiently safeguarded with tapes.

• Keep your favorite music loaded in your playlist, so the journey feels like a breeze.

• Start your move as early as possible, with the necessities kit and document folder much handy.

• Leave the keys with the concerned person – whether the new family that would be coming in or landowner.

• Have some pictures of your home – your comfort station to date, that you are leaving behind so that you can have some amazing memories of the place.


If you are thinking of making a move anytime soon, then there are countless tasks and things you must be looking forward to wrapping up soon! You will also feel like curating a list of all the immediate responsibilities you will have to address before you go ahead with your plan because, without that, you might end up skipping on the foremost aspects that you should be taking care of on an immediate basis. Well, if you are sailing through the same boat, you will resonate with this article, even more, so make sure you consider the tips spoken above and also hire the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers on time!

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