The Negative Review Response Formula

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The Negative Review Response Formula

Online review — particularly negative ones — are something that every business has to deal with, your UPbook organization included. Do it wrong, and you’ll get into an argument with the client and tarnish your reputation with other customers. Do it right, and you’ll save face and impress your customer base at the same time.

Let’s take a look at a simple formula your UPbook business can use to deal with bad reviews and online harassment.

The bottom line is this: the negative review response formula will take care of almost all bad reviews of your UPbook business. Plus, it’ll make you look good to other customers who see your interaction. When the formula isn’t enough, submit a request to the review platform to have the review taken down, or contact the relevant authorities when things escalate to real threats. It’s never taking things too far to take someone at their word!


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