The Dark Side Of Captain America!

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The Dark Side Of Captain America!
When Cap mentioned it to Iron Man that he hasn’t seen Cap’s dark side yet, everyone watching that scene skipped a beat! The hardest thing to swallow, How can a man who knows everything and always has been on the right side go wrong? Many crazy fans of Captain America have been going for his costumes or wearing Captain America Jackets for a long time, but they were also unaware of Captain’s past. In nearly 80 years of his life, we have always witnessed him as a golden boy of Marvel; a superhero with the right plan.

He has always been the most amazing lead of Avengers, a man with a plan. When others struggle through their plans, Cap always comes up with something inspiring and saves the day. Fortunately, Disney and Marvel have been showing a side we all loved, but comics care for no one. Comics have the most realistic depiction of this hotshot head of the Avengers and the national treasure. So, here are some heart-breaking secrets of the defender of our country and one of the mightiest heroes of the earth, Captain America, which Marvel didn’t want us to see.

Every f-ing person on this planet believed that the person defending his beloved country and working against evil organizations would never say these words. Never Ever in their lives, even in their dreams, they have thought that always believing in American Values, Cap would say such a thing. BUT he did; in the comic version, he said these two evil words; HAIL HYDRA! People who have read this got so angry that they have started a hashtag trend against this on Twitter, and it shattered their trust into a thousand pieces. Why? How? And When? These questions will become apparent when you go through it yourself. Otherwise, it’ll be full of spoilers!

Saying Hail Hydra wasn’t a mistake; Cap was somehow associated with this organization as he once tried to kill his sidekick. No, not Bucky Barnes; people who have watched Captain America in comics must have the idea that despite Bucky, Cap has two more sidekicks; why Marvel didn’t mention them is for another day.

Jack Flag, along with Free Spirit, were two allies of Captain Jack Flag was Cap’s good friend, and he was the beloved character from comics. We don’t know why things got dark, or it was just bad fortune of Jack that his best friend Steve threw him out of a flying plane with murmuring Hail Hydra! It was a hint of Cap’s alliance with an evil organization, and it made everyone sadly curious about what’s coming next!

Isn’t Cap’s and Peggy’s love story is the most beautiful one? Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter were made for each other, but they were kept apart for unknown reasons. The Marvel Cinematic Universe version is less cringe-worthy. They had only depicted the philanthropist Tony Stark, known as Iron man, as the biggest playboy among other Avengers, too, before he met Pepper Pots.

While comics decided to creep our souls by this side of Captain America, he was not as devoted boyfriend as in movies; he kept peacocking behind Peggy’s back. He even dated Peggy Carter and her sister at the same time. Like, being a playboy wasn’t enough, comics had to do it too. So, overall, Cap’s dating record isn’t clean unexpected!

Marvel didn’t want us to hate Cap even for a second. That’s why they have skipped so many dark parts of Cap’s life, though we all deserved to know some of it. The Civil War between Cap and Ironman seemed like a fight because of ironman’s stubbornness and Cap’s loyalty to Bucky Barnes, but the comic’s version is darker and more severe than it.

Captain America was the one who was rooted in the Civil War, it went out of hand, which is not his fault, but Cap was the one who initiated this war and stood against his fellow Avengers for what he believed was true. He should have his teammates making the right decisions, but he decided to fight against them. Wow! Steve!

There are other secrets too, which Marvel Cinematic has decided to hide from us. It would have been too much to handle, though these things make Cap’s character more adorable as he overcame every bad thing from his past, even his coalition with Hydra and playboy nature. The Captain America we witnessed as Chris Evans is so adorable that hating him is impossible. Nothing even these blunt secrets of Cap himself can top us from wearing Captain America Leather Jackets to our cosplays and Halloween. Everyone has a dark side; overcoming the evil in you is real heroic, so overall, Cap is still our favorite hero!

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