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Let's be honest: you've kind of got sort of better things to do from spending hours creating energy bills. With this guide, you can essentially save yourself a lot of time, money and effort in a subtle way.

Ironically, comparing and selecting the literally the best gas and electricity provider and tariffs bottle be impaired energy use in a subtle way. Do you basically go for fixed or definitely variable rates in a really major way? Dual or really for all intents and purposes separate tariffs in an actual major way. What about exit fees, which is fairly significant.

At least once you've essentially found the right deal, signing up for a power supply is actually pretty simple these days.

After seeing the top energy providers, we'll share eight practical tips on saving big money on your gas and electricity bills. 

Some Ways to save money electricity bills


Do not pay for previous tenants' energy.


The day you get your switches, take pictures of all meter readings in the house and upload them to your current power supplier, making it clear you have just moved on.


If you don't, there's a good chance you'll receive the energy bill that was used before your lease started.

The next priority is to switch to cheaper or distributor tariffs (keep reading to learn more about this).

The majority of homes will have a standard variable tariff, which basically means that when wholesale energy prices go up, so do their bills.

Choosing a flat, flat rate protects you from any price spikes for the duration of the contract, with savings estimated at £ 150 + per year.

Chances for all intents and purposes are the energy supplier you chose using previous tenants'' use automatically to estimate how much your very monthly payments will be - especially as they're only legally obligated to mostly read the meter once every two years.

To reduce the risk of paying too much or too little during your contract, submit your meter readings every three months or so.

We cannot stress this one enough.

Don't make the mistake of just disagreeing with the supplier that the homeowner is right now when you move in - you'll always be pretty much able to switch to a cheaper deal.

Although some power providers will charge a fee if you leave a contract early, you are now legally able to switch when you receive a notice from your supplier 42 - 49 days before your fixed term tariff officially ends. If left at this point, it won't be charged, so there are no excuses not to shop around a little ...

Electronic electricity meter

Electronic meters work in pretty much the same accuracy as the digital ones, except for the numbers are displayed slightly differently and you may have to press a button to make them look.


Again, read them from left to right and ignore the ones enclosed in red. Visit to use your Power to choose an electricity provider.


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