The Best employee scheduling software 2021

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The Best employee scheduling software 2021

Schedule building, is a vital company function, is such a thankless chore. Employers spend tons of hours developing a schedule that works for the staff,  at the weekend, managers are left to do it again. Better and effective scheduling can work with every employee’s accessibility, reduce absence and labor. There are many employee scheduling tricks, tips,  techniques, and more scheduling ideas for guiding you when it is time to view your calendar and allocate employees for shifts. Here are the practices to know for scheduling your employees.

1. Consider employee Scheduling software

Utilize employee Scheduling Software for  Scheduling employees. Whatever your business type or size you have, you need to look at the perfect tool for the job.

Scheduling software assists you in making productive schedules. So, that makes it simple for you to rapidly schedule employees with built-in templates. Automated or personalized scheduling rules eradicate staffing and coverage gaps.

Employee profiles can steer your scheduling, where the scheduling software system notifies you to schedule conflicts. It will make sure that you get staff with crucial qualifications for every shift. Best scheduling software access employers and managers to establish schedules for several projects, teams, and locations. Ready to invest your time in Employee scheduling tools, then GuniTime got you covered.

GuniTime is an employee scheduling tool, roaster software designed that helps small businesses to large organizations, solo entrepreneurs. It is unique enough to include scheduling within a much range of businesses, that involves service businesses,  retail, health to restaurants, and more businesses relying upon Gunitime.

GuniTime is a freemium business model. Yes, all of their tools and services are free for up to 3 team members, if you got more team members you could look at their paid plans. If you own a small business and got few team members then  Gunitime got more than you need at 100% free.


With a beautiful interface, your managers and employees could access this tool 24/7.

Your business is going to benefit from top functionalities and  features from Gunitime as:

Easy scheduling tools  which could be reworked or edited on the fly

Simply share your schedule  with your whole team

Easily  estimate your labor costs

Employees could get real-time schedule updates through alerts and notifications.

Track employee  time-off requests, accessibility along with approvals

Remind the staff automatically regarding upcoming shifts

Handle shift trading from everywhere you like.

Evaluate over time and receive alerts regarding scheduling conflicts.

Manage your business vehicles too.

Automated timesheets with comments, pictures, locations of employees along with your staff clocks in and clocks out.

Automated payroll and more.



Apart from the scheduling tools, you could even benefit from aspects associated with timesheets,  leave management, performance management recruitment, HR essentials, and employee records, and more.


2. Look Outside the Box

Don’t just assume that as it’s done in a way it should be done similarly for many more years. It is quite a reason to go wrong to innovate. If you never tested with the creative scheduling it is because you probably utilize spreadsheets.  Look for employees who could take few hours off at lunchtime. So, you can meet staff demands and don't need to pay for excessive labor hours.


Few full-time employees like to work four 10-hour shifts within the week. Chain those with your active days so your staff could get two more hours for catching up over the days they expect it.

3. Access Your staff for Requesting Schedule Changes


After all,  you need to develop a beneficial system for communication in terms of scheduling your employees.   As much as you desire your staff to work each shift they are scheduled for, they might not be able to do it. But  good managers can surely do it for accommodating

 when anything comes up suddenly influences your Staff's capacity for work.

But we can't imply that your staff can pick when they like to work. But, you should be prepared for those life events that suddenly come up which could affect whether or not your employees can work for their certain scheduled shift.


One explanation could be to get a good count of workers who got the flexibility in their schedule which you could change to another shift if your staff like to trade their shift. Or maybe you need to execute a strategy that assesses your staff for adjusting their schedule by two hours or more if they have any life emergencies. Either the case, accessing your staff to get control of the schedule reduces the likelihood which they will come out of shifts your staff is scheduled for.


4. Create the Schedule that is simple to Access


The finest way to make sure that your employer's members never miss a shift is to offer them simple access to the present schedule. You need to ensure that your employees view their schedule in much advance of the shifts. Think about sending the schedule beforehand so each team member could easily have ample time to plan and view the schedule ahead if they like to cover their shift. You also need to be sure that the schedule is posted which is simple for your employees to view and it needs to be available always.

So an employee scheduling software like Gunitime got an automated scheduling feature that could help with this. Automated scheduling could produce their staff schedule for you where you don't need to think about assembling a scheduling plan for the other week at the final minute. Few software as Gunitime access you and your team to allow schedules remotely, that provide everyone an opportunity for viewing the much-updated version at every time.


Employee scheduling isn't easy but you don't have to do it all alone. GuniTime is there. All you need to do is just visit their website and try it for free.

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