Technological awareness, a key determiner for mover evaluation

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Technological awareness, a key determiner for mover evaluation

While change is inevitable, there are a few businesses that often overlook the need for adaptation. One such business sector is the moving industry, which, irrespective of the continuous pressure, has ignored the need for change to a significant level. No doubt there are some wise moving companies, led by futuristic leaders, that have realized the moving of being advance, but a majority of movers still are stuck with old-age moving solutions.

iMoving, a moving platform connecting the right customer to a credible local moving company and vice versa, has dedicatedly made a reservoir of moving companies that are advanced and ambitious. These companies have understood the value of technology integration into the business and offer modernistic solutions to their clients.

Moving market is changing, although at a slower pace. The moving companies have realized that to earn a respectable revenue, it is important to understand the consumer preferences and offer them more reliable, easier, accessible, and convenient solutions. App-based moving business format, customer service software integration, and automated invoice generation are a few features that have been adapted by movers across the globe.

A consumer, searching for a credible mover, must ensure that the moving company is technologically advanced. Some key technologies that movers are using nowadays to make their moves more apt for the clients include:

CRM Systems:

CRM system not only makes customer service efficient, but it also automates a range of business-centric processes. From generating leads to managing client records, the best CRM solutions make a moving company more proficient. From the customer aspect, a moving company using advanced CRM tools will always be better in terms of communication, planning, organization, and customization.

Online resources:

A moving company without a due repository of information-rich articles and blogs for the customer should be trusted for a relocation jobs. It is imperative to keep the customer informed about the process. By providing them with the right information and knowledge, a company can make the entire relocation process transparent. This will offer great reliability to the consumer as they feel safe while handing over their valuables to a company that is concerned about the awareness of the customer.

Accounting software

From generating moving quotes to offering the final invoices to the customer without time delay. The integration of credible accounting software into the existing accounting process enables a moving company with great efficacy. More accurate and less time-consuming, accounting software ensures that the invoices are calculated more effectively and in-time, offering mutual benefits to the client as well as the company.

Tracking system:

There was a time when customers have to wait for their inventory without any clue of the arrival time. Thanks to the advanced tracking solutions, a cargo or moving truck can be easily tracked while en-route to your destination. Tracking systems are usually GPS-based and offer easy tracking ability to the company as well as the customer. A company can ensure that the driver is following the best route, saving cost and resources, while the customer has a clear picture of when to expect its belongings.

Mobile driver app:

A moving company needs to be very specific about choosing the drivers for the jobs. The driver is the key responsible person who shoulders the success of a move. A Mobile Driver App can make moving processes swifter for all the parties involved in the moving process. The drivers do not have to struggle with piles of paperwork before picking a job and the entire journey from existing to a new address can be made stress-free.

This also reduces the time taken to finalize the deal as the company can use a range of features of the Mobile driver apps including signatures, paperless documents, integrated imaging, full support for barcode scanners, and more.

Social Media:

One of the best ways to digitally market the business, social media is the connecting link between the company and the customers. A moving company that does not engage with its customers over social media platforms can be considered to be less bothered about the modern ways of communication. Moreover, the company may lose a significant market share as more than half of the target audience search for a moving company by evaluating their social profiles.

Move management software:

The moving process is one of the most comprehensive projects. Both company and customer struggles to keep a check on the various phases and processes of the project. A reliable move management software can however make it easier for both parties to ensure the efficiency of a move. From checklists to packing solutions, moving plans to load and unloading assistance, and more, move management software brings efficacy to all the phases of the moving process. 

Whether you are a moving company trying to make it big in the industry or a customer searching for reliable movers for your next moving project, these technological additions are imperative to evaluate. The moving environment is changing in the blink of an eye. To succeed, any company must become technologically abreast and ensure that the best services are extended to the customers.

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