Target Absentee Owners in Arizona For Profitable Deals

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If you have been working in the real estate sector for some time now, you would understand exactly why absentee owners play such a significant role in the growth of a real estate business.

What is the absentee owner?

As the name suggests, the owner of the residential or commercial property is absent which means he does not occupy the place that belongs to him. He may not be involved in the active management of the place too. These two main features characterize Absentee Owners in Georgia –
  • They own the property in Arizona or Georgia.
  • They do not use the property and have minimal involvement in managing the estate. They treat it more like an investment and hand it over to a third-party Management Company to look after the estate.

Why are absentee owners so lucrative for real estate agents?

It is a set of owners who are motivated to sell provided they get a decent deal. Their interest in selling off the property could arise out of any of the following factors –
  1. Leasing and renting out is a tedious task. There are legalities and complications. Many times, there are hardly any profits for the owner even after giving the property on rent. Hence the next best option is to sell-off.
  2. Even after giving it to a third party for management, issues of maintenance and repairs can still be bogging the owner and selling off seems to be a better option than sticking along with the property.
  3. Some owners keep the property vacant – they neither put it up for rent nor have it managed by another party. In such cases, the owner might over some time want to get rid of the asset instead of quick money.
Targeting Absentee Owners in Arizona and Arizona is an attractive proposition for the real estate agent and investor. Even if these owners wait for the right deal and may not be in a hurry to dispose of the property, the truth is that once they have made up their mind, they are most likely going to go through the transaction till the end. So, the likelihood of closing a win-win deal is quite high when dealing with such absentee owners.

How does one get leads related to absentee owners in Arizona and absentee owners in Georgia?

Getting realistic and accurate leads in both states is very simple these days. Few top lead generators and compilers can research and source correct information about absentee owners in both counties and, in fact, all over the nation. On a paid basis, real estate agents, brokers, intermediaries, interested buyers, and investors can enroll onto the mailing list of such lead providers. In doing so, regularly updated lists are emailed out to the agents direct now and then. Leading service providers in this gamut, ensure that the data is fresh and not old; correct and complete; validated and verified before sending out to their clients.


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