Surrogacy cost in India

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Surrogacy cost in India

Surrogacy cost in India -The C-sections cost more not only because of the operation but it also requires special attention to the post-delivery recovery of the surrogate. 

Post-delivery recovery of the mother is also included in the package that covers the medication, nutrition and healing of the surrogate. Cost of surrogate mentioned covers the surrogate fees handed to the surrogate. And can be somewhere between 5 to 6 lakhs, still being the cheapest among other countries. 

We care has several locations across the globe by which we provide our expertise and results to you everywhere. 


Post consultation a package is customized for you specifically, based on the details and the unique circumstances.

The package of IVF surrogacy is to cover the cost of:

Legal fee and caseworker.

Fertilization and implantation of the embryo in the surrogate.

Surrogate’s care and medication during the gestational period.

Post-delivery care of the surrogate. 


Recent laws (2019) in India made surrogacy legal for couples unable to conceive children while keeping in check to avoid the exploitation of surrogates. This makes the legal fees and involvement of the surrogate's legal caseworker very important. Frequently an agency appointed surrogate is provided to the couple which saves the hassle of legal formalities for the couple. The agency’s fee is also involved in the package. Upon agreement and initial payment, the medical scans and screening of the surrogate is done by our facility


The total cost might be slightly more in case the gametes are obtained from a donor contrary to those from the couple’s own. Healthy eggs and/or sperm stored from different donors can be used for the process of fertilization in case the couple is unable to do so. In the case of couples providing their own gametes with the cost for hormonal injections, monitoring and egg retrieval would be involved in the package offered. The package might also offer embryo freezing for the couple for future IVF procedures. The retrieval of male and female gametes (sperm and eggs) ends the phase two and fertilization is performed.


After the surrogate meets the intended parents the process of fertilization takes place. 

Once impregnated the couple is responsible for the care and attention of the surrogate. Which would cover the expenses of hospital visits, routine checkups, nutrition and her daily needs. The expenses of the mother-to-be from maternity clothes to vitamins and food is expected to be paid by the couple. And would be mentioned in the breakdown of the bill. Although the procedure does not offer 100% surety and might need a second or third attempt. The package would depend on the number of attempts needed for the implantation. 


We care IVF Surrogacy -In-vitro fertilization has become a viable option for couples unwilling to go forth with adoption and still yearning for a child. With more advancements and research, thankfully IVF has reached a phase that can provide more than 50% promising results, along with being less expensive today than it would have been 20 years ago


More and more types and causes of infertility in couples is being seen among couples throughout the world. Whether its change in lifestyle or a gene defect assisted reproductive technology (ART) is nothing new anymore. These procedures continue to be expensive depending on the region and facilities around the world. And it’s exactly why India became a top-rated destination for medical tourism for cost-effective IVF  procedures.


The subcontinent offers a variety of cheap generic medicines and specialized doctors for cheaper procedures. 

We care IVF surrogacy centre offers packages including consultation, embryo freezing, transfer and surrogacy to couples at reasonable prices. We have a team of experienced and dedicated doctors that yield the best results in the game. We offer packages that reduce the total cost as well as the hassle for couples to seek different opinions and stress over them. So your experience is everything you’ve waited for. Due to its reasonable fee and promising success rates, IVF surrogacy is becoming sought after by couples who almost gave up on the idea of ever becoming parents.


At the consultation, the couple is educated about the process and steps to follow. Without any false promises or misleading information. The total cost for the surrogate, genetic material donor (if any), the care and expenses of the surrogate as well as legal fees is given. On an average it comes out to a little over fifteen to 20 lakhs, depending on the incidentals of every case. For couples from overseas, the package can also include the airfare and stay in India for the process. The cost might also vary on location, centre and case history etc. Despite all the factors surrogacy is as affordable as it ever has been available for couples without huge budgets all over the world.


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