Surrogacy cost in Himachal

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Surrogacy cost in Himachal

Surrogacy cost in Himachal is considered as the final fertility treatment selected by infertile couples to have their own baby. Surrogacy treatment in Himachal Pradesh needs a surrogate mother who will conceive the baby for 9 months in her uterus on behalf of the intended parent. This procedure is completely legalized as both the parties are bonded by a legal contract. The gestational surrogate mother has no genetic link with the baby as he or she is genetically linked to its intended parents only. 


What is the surrogacy treatment in Himachal Pradesh?

 Surrogacy treatment is defined as an Assisted Reproductive Technique in which a surrogate mother is essential according to the need of intended parents as she carries the baby in her womb for nine months. Both the surrogate mother and the intended parents are bonded by a legal contract in this treatment that clearly describes all the details from their role to their responsibility during the treatment and till the handing over the baby to the intended couple. 

A surrogate mother is a woman who helps those intended couples who are unable to give birth to their own child by carrying their baby in her womb for the whole pregnancy till he or she is born. In this procedure embryo formed by IVF fertilization is directly implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. Surrogate mother is also known as a gestational mother as she has no genetic relation with the baby she is carrying in her womb. The process is considered completely legalized to avoid issues in future. Surrogacy is considered as safe and secure treatment as it involves legal expertise and the baby is given safely to the intended parents.  Surrogacy treatment in Himachal Pradesh is usually recommended in those couples who are facing infertility issues, females who are unable to conceive their baby in her uterus or homo sexual couples who want their own baby to be linked genetically. 

What is Gestational Surrogacy in Himachal Pradesh?

Gestational surrogacy is considered as a legal treatment. Gestational Surrogacy is a safe and secure procedure as the surrogate mother has no further links attached to the baby. In this type of surrogacy, the baby completely belongs to the intended couple and is linked both biologically as well as genetically to them. Baby is handed over to the parents after the delivery after the pregnancy.

When the couple is facing infertility problems and unable to give birth to the child is considered as the most common reason behind the surrogacy treatment. Sometimes couples who have gone above in their age limit to carry a baby or for pregnancy can also choose surrogacy as their final treatment. This treatment is generally preferred by those women who are incapable of carrying a baby in their uterus or have uterine issues. Surrogacy is most commonly opted by those females who are unable to give birth because of unexplained infertility or known infertility issues such as blockage in fallopian tubes, polycystic ovaries, uterus having endometriosis or thin lining of uterus or unable to attach embryo. This treatment is also successful in patients who have a history of miscarriages or previous failed IVF and ICSI cycles. It is also helping women who are suffering from severe medical disorders like heart diseases or health related problems etc. Women who are very busy in their professional life and not able to make time for pregnancy are also selecting surrogacy treatment to complete their family. Homosexual couples can also opt surrogacy to grow their own family and have their baby genetically linked to them as well.

Cost of surrogacy in Himachal Pradesh 

The cost of surrogacy in Himachal Pradesh by We Care IVF Surrogacy is around INR 11, 00, 000 to INR 15, 00, 000. This surrogacy treatment cost is considerably very low and can be easily afforded and accessed by an infertile couple to fulfill their dream. The surrogacy treatment cost in Himachal Pradesh may depend on the basis of supplementary treatment required in addition to surrogacy package.  The treatment is performed under supervision of our finest fertility specialists who are highly experienced. Other staff for support and care is also well educated and highly professional.

Surrogacy treatment package by We Care IVF Surrogacy IN Himachal Pradesh includes most of the facilities and benefits to the intended parent. This package includes the charges of surrogate mother, initial consultation fee of intended parent, medical screening of both parents and surrogate mother along with fertility medication cost, charges of a legal contract between parent and surrogate mother, collection of egg and sperm from intended parent followed by cost of IVF fertilization and implantation of embryo in surrogate mother uterus, post pregnancy care of surrogate mother with all medications and charges of delivering baby to the intended parents.  We offer you the most affordable package along with the superior quality treatment facilities fulfilling all the requirements of parent.

Surrogacy treatment is long as well as complex procedure which requires passion and consistency by our whole team under We Care IVF Surrogacy. It provides you the best surrogacy package with facilities like multiple IVF cycle program at an affordable range to provide high success rates using advance technologies. The surrogacy treatment cost in Himachal Pradesh is cost effective and budget friendly as compared to other countries in the world. 


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