Sterilization and sanitation: two fundamental concepts in the medical field
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Sterilization and sanitation: two fundamental concepts in the medical field

The sterilization is useful for eliminating almost all of all pathogenic microorganisms in the vegetative form and in the form of spores. With regard to medical clinics, it is also essential to sanitize accurately, continuously and rigorously, following all the rules on the subject.


Hospital infections are always around the corner, especially in a particular historical period like the one we are experiencing. The sterilization of medical instruments is a concept of primary importance in the prevention and control of infections. A process that requires expertise and the use of the best devices such as those available on our eCommerce https://www.medikrebsusa.


From a scientific point of view, a material is considered sterile if the SAL, that is the safety level of sterility, is lower than 10-6. In this case, the probability of finding a microorganism is less than one in a million.

Through various sterilization processes it is therefore going to cause the alteration of some essential components and the denaturation of the proteins and nucleic acids of the microorganisms.


In the medical field it is essential to sterilize in a constant and precise way every object that must come into contact with the skin or mucous membranes of the patient.


Reusable Medical Devices (DMRs) are generally sterilized through innovative media such as the sterilization autoclave.


It is a device that can be used for the sterilization of surgical instruments that is very simple to use and thus becomes an integral part of the equipment of any medical office.


The autoclave has a hermetically sealed and heated tank which is used for carrying out physical processes. The condensation of water vapor generates energy that destroys dangerous microorganisms.


The automatic Tau dry sterilizer, available on, works thanks to hot and dry air at ambient pressure. Inside, the air temperature is increased thanks to an airtight oven that allows to obtain high temperatures that eliminate bacteria, viruses and various microorganisms.

Within a doctor's office or an outpatient clinic there are several devices that can be used for sterilization. An example? The ultraviolet germicidal lamp that rapidly destroys any organism present on medical instruments. Or the equipment for air sterilization and the decontaminating mat particularly used in clean rooms, operating theaters and sterilization centers.

The importance of sanitation

Like instrument sterilization, sanitation also becomes fundamental for medical environments. Today, in particular, the cleaning of a doctor's office is more frequent and scrupulous and is carried out through a series of tools such as the ozone generator that produces a gas that is a strong oxidizing agent that is very useful when it comes to sanitizing. environments from bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, parasites and other microorganisms.

This device is also suitable for eliminating unpleasant odors caused by pets and is indicated for eliminating fine dust present in the air.

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