Spot UV boxes benefits and importance

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Spot UV boxes benefits and importance

Spot UV boxes are trendy packaging styles having the Spot UV coating over them. Designers are now using the high gloss UV coating on the box to give the printed box an extravagant look. Through UV technology, the designer gives the targeted spots vibrant, shiny, and aesthetic appeal. Moreover, this acts as a protective coating for the packaging.

Companies are now using UV spot technology because of several reasons. Some of these are given as follows

Incredible shine

Spot UV gives an incredible shine to the box. Therefore, i makes the UV spot boxes attractive and eye-catchy because of the lustrous shine. These are alluring in appeal and add a touch of decency and sophistication to any box.

High clarity

One more thing that makes this technique preferable for the packaging material is that it offers the readability of text. Although the text or image is quite glossy yet one can read it clearly as the text is legible. Furthermore, the box with unique words and textured printed with UV technology also give easy legibility. Perhaps, when the box is present at some distance.

Protective against smudges

The boxes with spot UV printing are free of smudges or any finger marks. It is because spot UV offers the protective layer between the constant handling and packaging. Thus, one doesn’t find any finger impression on the box.

Environmental friendly

One more aspect that makes spot UV boxes preferable for the packaging industry is that the coating does not allow the movement of moisture, dust, or air inside the box. Thus the cardboard plus UV coating both make a great option for environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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