Sky Q HDR - HDR/HLG TV pop up

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Sky Q HDR - HDR/HLG TV pop up
If you read my previous post, you'll know what to do with your SkyQ box to configure it for HDR content. However, even with the correct configuration, your TV and Amp/AV/Receiver will also need to meet certain criteria and be configured correctly.

First and foremost, you're TV must be 4k HDR (HLG) compatible. You must also be using the correct HDMI (2.2) cables. If (like me) you have an Amp/AV/Receiver in the mix, this must also support 4k HDR/HLG and use HDMI 2.2 cables.

So let's say your setup ticks all the above boxes, plus you've done eveything detailed in the previous post, but you're still not getting the HDR/HLG pop up when you select Sky HDR content. Let me talk you through the additional checks you need to make.

TV setup

Most TVs have an option to configure which HDMI ports have HDR enabled. My TV is an LG. For LG TV's you go Settings > General > HDMI Ultra HD Deep colour, and you select "on" against your chosen HDMI port.


This was the bit that caught me out. If you use an Amp/AV/Receiver, this is as important regarding its settings as the Sky box and your TV. After all, your Sky picture signal is passed from your Sky box, through your receiver and out to your TV, so it's an important piece of the puzzle.

My amp is a yamaha rx-v581. You must tell your amp to allow HDR too. 4k and HDR are not the same thing. 4k is (mainly) just resolution (2160p) whereas HDR incorporates many other factors.

On my rx-v581 there are two 4k picture formats in the advanced menu settings. Mode 2 configures the amp for 4k 60hz/50hz 4:2:0 formats. This was what I had set originally and when watching Sky HDR content my TV was not put into HDR mode (i.e. I did not see the HDR / HLG pop up). Instead I selected Mode 1 for 4k 60hz/50hz 4:4:4, 4:4:2 and 4:2:0 formats and then restarted my amp. Once I had done this, watching Sky HDR content now put my TV into HDR mode and I was shown the HDR / HLG pop up. This is an important part of your configuration. Your TV running in the right setup ensures that the right settings are applied (mostly relating to colour) to benefit from the full HDR experience. Once you successfully applied the right settings for you amp, it's worthwhile checking over the settings in my last post. I had to reselect 2160p 10-bit res on my Sky box. 

I hope all this information is useful to a few people out there! If this info has helped you, please like my post. Thanks 

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