Simple Tips for Front Desk Safety and Security

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Simple Tips for Front Desk Safety and Security

Day to day, you’re focused on things like satisfying customers, increasing call volume, and booking more appointments. Safety and security may be the last thing on your mind! The fact is, though, that your UPbook business must be prepared. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Here are a few simple tips for helping to increase your facility’s security.

For almost all members of UPbook, dealing with a difficult customer is a much more likely scenario than dealing with an armed intruder or a robbery. It’s important to have front desk staff properly trained to diffuse difficult scenarios, though, because things can quickly spiral into a more serious security situation. First, have your UPbook staff members express understanding and empathy to the customer in question––try phrasing like “I understand how frustrated you are…” or “I hear you.” Next, offer action. Once you’re getting actively involved in the solution by performing action, the customer knows you really care.


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