Should I Become a Window Cleaner?

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Should I Become a Window Cleaner?
Thus, you want to start a small company? One that pays well and requires no qualifications? Well, consider this, window cleaners, depending on where they operate, can earn up to $200 per hour!

Now, maybe where you live, window cleaners do not make anywhere near that much, and that is fair enough.

Sound good? Well read on and let us see exactly what you need to do in order to attain this...


It's absolutely crucial that you have the experience that will allow you to locate, and keep sufficient clientele to succeed. Because of this, the most recommended way to start is to subcontract for somebody else. For how long? Well, a year should be adequate, provided you are trained in both residential and commercial window cleaners near me.

You could begin by yourself but it could bring about a terrible reputation, especially whilst your skill set is reduced. As soon as you gain a bad reputation, it will be difficult to recover. That's why the recommended way is to work for somebody else, at least in the beginning.


One other advantage of working for someone else is the chance to learn how to price a job. You want to be competitive. Most start out window cleaners charge too little, in an attempt to acquire more work. It's far better to be aware of what your peers try to do exactly the same.


And, finally, working for someone else will provide you the chance to see how they gain their customers. Do they canvass, advertise online, appear in the local newspaper... or, a blend of all these?

Marketing is vital for when you would like to go out by yourself. Do not waste your time, and cash, advertising everywhere you are able to learn which advertisements methods work in your town and copy those methods... working for one more window cleaner will provide you that invaluable understanding.

In Conclusion

So, Should I Be a Window Cleaner? Is a valid query.

However, get it done the ideal way. Work for someone else to obtain the experience and knowledge that you'll need to succeed. Window Cleaning can be a great job, prepare get advice and you'll be well on your way!

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