Several Commonly Asked Questions On Computer Graphics

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Several Commonly Asked Questions On Computer Graphics

Studying computer graphics can be complicated for many of you, which may prompt you to avail computer science assignment help services. But you can develop a solid grasp of this topic as long as you know the basics.

So, if you’re curious about the basics of computer graphics, presented below are some questions and answers straight from the experts of academic writing services.

Q: What are the main types of computer graphics?

A: Computer graphics are categorised into two parts- vector (composed of paths) and raster (composed of pixels). Raster images are essentially identified as bitmap images. A bitmap image utilises a grid of individual pixels where each pixel can be different in shade. Bitmaps are made up of pixels, state writers from assignment help company services.

Vector graphics utilise mathematical relationships between points and the paths linking them to describe a specific image. Vector graphics are comprised of paths.

Q: What are the applications of computer graphics?

A: There are multiple applications of computer graphics that you need to know about. The designing of the automobile, buildings, aircraft is possible with the help of computer aided drawing. You’ll be able to produce more accurate and sharp drawings with better specifications if you know computer graphics.

Also, computer generated models are useful in education for teaching various complicated concepts and fundamentals in an easy to learn manner. Many educational models can be created using computer graphics.

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Q: What is scaling in computer graphics?

A: In computer graphics, image scaling means resizing a digital image. Scaling is a non-trivial process that needs to maintain efficiency, smoothness, and sharpness.

With bitmap graphics, as the size of an image is enlarged or reduced, the pixels that constitute the image become increasingly visible, making the image appear “soft” if pixels are average.

Q: What’s the difference between raster and vector graphics?

A: One of the major difference between vector and raster graphics is raster or bitmap images are resolution-dependent. That's why it’s not possible to increase or decrease their size without compromising on image quality.

A vector-based image is not dependent on resolution. However, the size of the vector image can be increased or decreased without affecting the quality of the image.

The answers to these basic questions will help you develop a strong foundation in computer graphics.


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