SEO and the reality in 2021

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SEO and the reality in 2021

The changing scenario has led to a big change in this world. Especially when It comes to marketing, the current scenario has been revamped as more lead generation and less marketing. It’s not with a core sales company but also a core marketing agency or a core IT firm that is indulged in web development or mobile application development that has turned the table upside down by changing the face of SEO for digital marketing to lead generation.

What is actually SEO?

SEO is basically a part of digital marketing that leads to information dispersal to the people who use the internet. Explaining like a six-year-old, it is letting people know about your offered service or product that may bring a few leads or quite good lead when they search for the best web development company London or finest bakery shop in Oxted. It completely depends upon the user, how serious is he/she to execute the complete order.

What does it include?

Website – Website is a primary element that one needs while doing SEO. As the website becomes the parent element for which the work is getting done. So, before you indulge in SEO and digital marketing, make sure you have a website. A good website that has every element of your business and service and if people visit it, they do not find any problem.

Content – Content is the king here. Whatever niche you have chosen, you will have to write pure content by yourself. There is no option for copying it from somewhere else. It will affect your SEO and your website after a long time or some time soon. So, explain your product and service, write it by yourself. Keep the Heading, Tags, Description, and title related to your niche. So that your SEO becomes effective.

Keywords – Keywords are the very important element that will impact your work and business. Choosing the correct keywords for your website will benefit you while if you choose irrelevant keywords it might not. So, know your field first and then choose what you have to do or what you will target. This will help in determining the exact keyword phrases that you will be helped with.

What SEO activities you should perform?

SEO had multiple activities. Yes, It had. But now because of the grey hat rule and black hat rule, the internet has become much organized and secured. Now if you would do any of the grey or black hat activities the ranking and SEO would be useless. As it will be spammed by the website owners and search engines. So what should you do?

Article – Writing pure articles are the priority in SEO. Find good websites or platforms where you can post your article and information or knowledge. Get to know the latest trends in your niche and use the social media and get to know the latest trends. Be the first to write the information.

Web 2.0 – Web 2.0 is the latest and best way to SEO. It is the readymade website builder that lets you have a free website and your own content. Try not to be more product-related and advertise less. Try to inform people and include one or two keywords and hyperlink them. Don’t be a promoter be an informative guy.

Infographic -  Infographic is yet another best way to complete your SEO and rank well at Google. It lets you explain things and write your valuable output in the best and shortest way possible. Look for good platforms where you can put your infographic and get a good result in terms of traffic.

Guest Post – Guest Posting is posting your content on someone else’s website that enables you to have DoFollow backlinks. It results in best SEO and keeping things in mind no to be much promotional and advertise yourself. It is very much in trend and contains a heavy value.


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