Sell more! Check out 5 sales techniques for the realtor

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Sell more! Check out 5 sales techniques for the realtor

Sell ​​more! Check out 5 sales techniques for the realtor


Selling is an art and requires a lot, but selling real estate is an even more complex art, which requires very specific care and skills. That's because a realtor doesn't sell something simple like clothing or an appliance. He sells dreams, often the dream of a lifetime. And, to be successful in this type of business, you need to overcome fear and have self-confidence, be a great strategist and, of course, always base your actions on the truth.

In this article you will see 5 sales techniques, realtor, that will surely help and a lot to sell more.

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1. Sell what people really want

If you still feel that you can sell anything you want to your customers or that you can make them like a particular property at any cost, you are sadly mistaken about this. If it worked before, nowadays it doesn't have a chance and why? Well, with the strong advance of technology and accessibility for everyone, people have a lot of information about everything that concerns them, so, when buying or researching, they are already informed, with pros and cons analyzed, guided decisions and seeking very individual values. So when talking to a customer, find out exactly what they want. Are they looking for property to rent, buy or invest? What are the prerequisites of what he is looking for? Write it all down!


Study what the customer wants and see if you have what they want. If not, be honest, say what you have and, if open, point out the benefits (if they really exist) of a different option. But don't insist on changing the customer's option, only if he is willing to hear about something different.

2. Know and believe what you sell

This is complemented by the previous topic, because once you know absolutely everything the client is looking for, if you don't know the details of the properties you have in hand, you will never be able to present good options for them. So study your options, seek relevant information from those who live near these properties and analyze everything impartially, without creating advantages that do not exist. Know the real market value, the liquidity potential of each property, the average rent in the region, be aware of the layout of each place, basic maintenance, in short, know what you are offering, as this will help you transmit security, confidence and, of course, it will provide you with value so that you truly believe in your options.


3. If it's to argue, tell the truth

You know the saying: lies have short legs? Yeah, believe it and NEVER lie to your customer. Basing your argument on small lies and omissions, whether increasing the size of the property, or even guessing a condominium value that you are not sure of, destroys the essential bond of trust for this type of sale to take place. Base your arguments on real experiences, facts you've already experienced. Forget about rumors and stories you've heard from other people. Even because you are dealing with real estate/land, which cannot be based on “guess”.

Another important tip: avoid buzzwords and sales clichés. Don't tell a customer that he's facing a “must-see” opportunity or that he's about to make “the biggest deal of his life” if that's not true.

4. Regardless of the sale, always offer your best service

Forget the sale and focus on the customer's need. This phrase is a key to gaining trust and becoming a reference to a potential buyer. The focus on good service, on being helpful and actually helps you to build a credible person bond, which will certainly bring good results. Having a client friend is having an evangelist for your work, that is, a person who will always refer you if you know someone who needs a realtor. And that's worth a lot more than a single sale. Know your property, be honest, try to help your client with what he really needs and the reward will come.

5. Awaken the customer's feelings

A broker who has been in the field for some time may have already noticed that people make a purchase based on emotion as well. Watch your client carefully, as there will be a property that will make your eyes shine, and it will be the one that, even though it is not the best financial option, will touch your heart deeply and this can define the whole business.

And it turns out that yes, people buy out of emotion, and then use logic to build arguments to back up their decision. Therefore, value what touches the heart of a customer, know how to defend this factor. Look at your customer and ask if he sees himself living in that environment. Believe me, the pleasure of being in a place that awakens good feelings is priceless.

Always bet on techniques and overcome your fears. Build in yourself the confidence to captivate your customer and always guide your work in the truth, in the spirit of serving your customers' wishes and being helpful.


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