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Grande Motors
Second Hand Cars Auckland

Welcome to Grande Motors. Here, we specialise in Japanese and European cars. We are experts in hybrid cars, offer Grade 4 and above cars that have no damage history and are rust-free. Second Hand Cars Auckland carry both used and brand new cars. The car you receive will be in tip-top shape, as we offer you any additional services such as polishing, navigation systems, and Japanese translation on hybrid Priuses and several other unique Japanese cars.


The team at Grande Motors is not your regular sales or management team as we know the ins and outs of the Japanese car market; having an excess of 20 years experience in import, export, mechanics, sales, and customer service. We know what to expect when dealing with cars and will tailor solutions and advice to the client. With expert knowledge and experience, we are the right choice.


The customer then makes regular payment to the bank and at the end of lease term the vehicle is transferred in the name of the customer. Before making the final payment the vehicle remains in the name of the financial institution that has financed the deal. Buying used cars Christchurch can be just as enjoyable as buying a new car. Many people believe there is no way to enjoy buying a used car. They view buying a used car as simply a way to get the transportation they need. The only reason why most people turn to buying a used car is because of the price. There is no reason why you should have to give up anything when buying a used car. Certainly you should not be treated with less respect simply because you are buying a used car.


When looking for the best used cars christchurch dealer, it is important to have some list of what you are looking for in the car you buy. Even if you went in to a dealer with a model in mind, you may be turned on to a better car for your money. This happens on lots which have a long list of cars from which you can choose from. The more cars available for you to choose from, the more likely you will find exactly what you are looking for. When you know the characteristics you are looking for a car to have, it will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

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