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here is always shortage of good network engineers.

having certifications line CCNA or CCNP will enhance your chance to get a job in the field of IT Infrastructure.

Having only certification will not help, you should also have good knowledge.

CCNA is a First step in Cisco Certifications & it doesn't have any prerequisites.

Person from both technical & non-technical background can take up the exam.

with this certification you get a knowledge on both Cisco specific networking & generic networking.

since these certifications are widely recognized across the world this will definitely add a weight to your resume.

doing these courses or certification for the sake of certificate is worthless. do it for knowledge purpose. certificates will expire but not knowledge.

Aim for next level certifications like CCNP & CCIE , in a present scenario having only CCNA is not advised.

Cisco has introduced many other verticals in their certification example

Security, Voice , Wireless, Data centre etc....

Routing & Switching certification there from beginning & its evergreen. once you finish Routing & switching you may choose the vertical that interests you more, though it is not compulsory to have CCNA Routing & Switching certification to pursue other certifications but it is advised to undergo the training on Routing & Switching .

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