Samsung Galaxy Phone Parts

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Samsung Galaxy Phone Parts

Sometimes these might be hard to honestly might be hard to move from the samsung galaxy phone parts as you can see I'm struggling right now it's literally not coming I don't know why no one this is getting serious that means these are really secure obviously so that's not the way now it's time for the Institute so this is a projector obviously so as you can see right here good packaging motor mods Lenovo insta share projector.

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This is about a one year old nothing so inside the box we get our projector we also get a motile mod carrying case with something in there what is this so yeah this is a nice carrying pouch and we could put this in here if we want to go on trips which is very so yeah it smells nice too this was nice ah anyways back to the video here we go this is our projector right here so all we need to do as mentioned earlier boom connected prompts to your screen and it shows you that hey the Moto mod is connected so this is the projector what we can do is watch movies TV shows anything of that sort just by holding on to this button so let's just pull up something from YouTube right here we could also use Netflix if we please put let's pull something up there's nothing really interesting or your average consumer so that's good of course we get the ads we all love ads so all we need to do guys is let's make sure that you're seeing it all you need to do is press this button so this is the focus ring so if you have Farsight in your site it could play around with this focus ring and this is to turn the on so I'm gonna fire up the projector on that wall right there so hold down here I think it's it's on right now hit the Lights though no we can see your average consumer on the screen it's only in 480p but it's still watching right still watchable the cool thing about it is that if the phone is tilted up it places his back like flat so it's really cool that it could do that we also have a stand right here so if you put it down flat we could get a good viewing angle just like this good viewing angle right here and it fights to make sure that the picture .

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In frame and it looks really nice so yeah this is the projector it it surprisingly cost around 250 bucks right now which is a lot in my opinion you can definitely buy a cheaper projector but as I said before all of these are just really convenience not only something that you definitely have to have but if you have it it's like yeah I have this it's good to show it to your friends I remember when I just showed this guy behind the camera he was crazy about it so yeah definitely a good samsung galaxy lcd screen so yeah yes me see and everything last but not least we have we have the hassel Hasselblad here's a blood true soon this gives you 10x optical zoom definitely I go I heard it's not the best I heard a lot of bad things about this thing I heard the camera quality is poor I heard this phone camera is better than this thing right here and this cost around 250 bucks so keep that in mind before you go ahead and purchase I'll try to give you guys some test footage right about know if I can open this thing all right so we're in first thing we see is the the samsung galaxy lcd screen.

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