Rover: Case study- adding a new functionality

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Rover: Case study- adding a new functionality

“The world’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers”

This is one of the projects I made while studying UXUI design at Ironhack. For this project we had to add a new functionality to one of the given Apps :Netflix, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Tinder, Uber, Glovo, Rover, and many more. This time we were a group of three people and all of us love animals so, we didn’t hesitate about taking Rover for the challenge.

Design Process

During this week we developed the project using the following tools:

Design Thinking process (tools used) Design Thinking process (tools used)


We chose that field without even thinking about what we should expect. None of us has been users of the Rover App, but we all love animals and have pets. So, once the instructors uphold our field we started with the project. First of all, we started digging the App and we realized that it was a very complete App. It was then when we realized that were going to have a rough time finding something that users need, but I guess each project has its own difficulties.

We began analyzing competitors to see which functionalities they have that Rover could need. The SWOT Analysis was also really helpful to see how we were able to improve the App. But, it was not until we started taking surveys and interviews when we realized what were our real user's needs.

We got 41 answers from our surveys where we could observe that most pet owners worry about their pet's would't received the same attention given by them. From this insight, we had the idea of adding an instruction checklist to guide the petsitter in every situation. But, after asking our acquaintance, we realized that most pet owners within our reach would rather use their family and friends as petsitter, so we weren't able to get much information from interviews.

We decided to take another path by conducting 8 interviews from users that have taken care of pets. Two of the interviewed were really helpful because they are active users of those types of services. One of them is a user from Rover and she had had a bad experience taking care of a pet, but she couldn’t leave a review so others wouldn’t go through the same experience with this owner. All the interviewees agreed that they prefer to know what is the pet and owner like before accepting or not the job. Furthermore, getting back to the competitive analysis we realized that other Apps have the option of reviewing your experience with the service given but it isn't possible with Rover.

Insights from the surveys and interviews Insights from the surveys and interviews


After analyzing the problems with the different tools mentioned above, we came to the conclusion that our ideal user is a person who likes to take care of pets in their free time and thus make extra money but has had problems taking care of a puppy. In the following infographic, you can see both the User Journey Map and the User Scenario. It helped us to see how we could help our user and how would be her experience using the app with the new option.

User Journey Map + User Scenario User Journey Map + User Scenario


With all this, we started with the Brainstorming and later with the Crazy 8. It was really great to see how the combination of all of our ideas and sketches shaped the final solution. We finally decided to continue with the idea of adding a function that would allow pet sitters to rate owners and see the reviews of other users.

You can see the low-fidelity prototype below, it shows how a user will use this function of rating a service.

Low-Fidelity Low-Fidelity

Moreover, to put into practice what we learned in class, we made a Moodboard and asked five persons to choose five adjectives from a list of adjectives. So we could see if the colors of the brands were able to convey the corresponding values.

Moodboard Moodboard


After all this process we decided to add a review option with 3 main features:

Solution features Solution features

High Fidelity Prototype

In this prototype, you will be able to see implemented this rating functionality. At first, we thought we should preserve the aesthetics of the original App whit no changes. The App has a bit of lack of consistency through its different sections and we noticed it but did nothing about it. But after presenting our project we decided to change everything that that we thought need improvement. Below you can see the result of our work.

Next Steps

As future improvements we would like, on the one hand, to be able to develop the point system that would improve the position of petsitter users.

On the other hand, we would like to develop a solution that we first thought about: the checklist for pet owners and pet sitters. We would like to make another research with those users to understand how could we improve this service.


 I had a lot of fun designing this functionality and working with my colleagues. It is nice to see that no matter how difficult it may seem at the beginning, that it is always possible to add extra functionalities to well-established applications on the market.

Thank you very much for coming that far. Any suggestions are always welcome.

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