Restore the Lost Hair With FUT Hair Transplantation Surgery

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Restore the Lost Hair With FUT Hair Transplantation Surgery
The hair root removal method\\\'s surgical recovery is executed either by the  FUT hair transplant or by the follicular unit extraction (FUE). The transferring process chiefly serves the technique. DHT resistant hair roots removal via root transfer. It is inserted into the DHT sensitive zone where the hair loss or baldness happens. The hair transplant method intends to cover the balding receiver part in such an essential cosmetic manner. A patient or individual makes a head full of hair as per his cosmetic terms and expectation. Hair transplantation is a surgical method, followed by dividing grafts or follicles from the head\\\'s back and sides. It is more immune to the Androgen hormone. And they are fixing the same in lesser growth hair or baldness. There are two forms to extract the grafts, i.e., FUT hair transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

What is the FUT Hair Transplant Method?

The FUT hair transplant includes the strip harvesting from the scalp\\\'s back and sides. Where the hair roots are intended to persist permanently. Since the strip harvesting method does, the FUT technique includes the simple cut. And stitch followed by the excellent finish technique, i.e., the Trichophytic closure. The FUT method provides the best permanent effects because of the removal of DHT defiant hair roots.

What is the method of the FUT Method?

The FUT method includes the simple surgical step for the cut to harvest the skin strip from the scalp\\\'s back and sides. The cut is done so that a longitudinal strip is removed some follicular units in a single time. Furthermore, the strip is given to the analysis method, where expert specialists inspect every single graft. It is examined under the higher magnification of German lenses. Finally, the divided follicular unit or live hair grafts are inserted into the scalp\\\'s recipient balding part. The FUT hair transplant targets the hair grafts only from the scalp\\\'s safe donor zone. It provides lasting results as the grafted roots are intended to stay permanent.

Benefits of FUT method

  • Painless Technique: The FUT hair transplant is simple, even having the strip removal step from the scalp\\\'s back and sides. The expert surgeon uses the local anesthesia injection step. It is to reduce pain\\\'s impact up to zero levels. However, it is now not dangerous to get the strip harvesting or the FUT technique to get the natural hair.
  • Scarless method: The FUT transplant technique is scarless now as the modern Trichophytic finish is applied to overcome incision scar. Our Surgeon at BHHR center uses the trichophytic finish. An advanced suture closing process gives the best scarless issue. Even though after the hair transplant technique\\\'s strip harvesting process. Therefore, we can assume that the FUT technique is the most reliable way to return natural hair without having any side effects or distress.


FUT hair transplant is a regular Gold method of hair transplant. If done well by skillful hands and are assisted by trained specialists. They are well served with innovative and superior tools. It can cover a larger bald area in a single sitting without destroying any graft numbers. Our surgeons have shown the strength of his abilities. It gives high-density hair to many fully bald patients. Further asserts that FUT is a painless and scarless technique. After picking the strip, the opened area is finished with the superior Trichophytic closure, which gives no prospects for scars\\\' clarity.

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