Relieve Office Stress with Art

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Relieve Office Stress with Art

Boring walls, neutral colors, and serious faces—these are probably the first images that come to mind when one thinks of an office. While this is a common scenario, more and more entrepreneurs and office managers are learning the importance of a creative working space in reducing stress and, consequently, increasing productivity and work satisfaction.


If you want to boost the morale and productivity of your employees, perhaps it’s time to commission some office wall murals. You could also decorate with paintings by a local artist or from a kids art organization. There are many ways to liven up your office and inspire your officemates, and office art is one of them!

Art and Stress Reduction According to Science

You don’t have to be a creative to enjoy art and its stress relieving benefits. Researchers have shown that viewing art or even watching someone else make art prevents memory loss, promotes neurogenesis (or the growth of new brain cells), and improves overall mental health. People who look at art for only a few minutes could see a drop in their stress levels and an increase in their dopamine levels.

Dynamic Art For Your Office

Eventually, the art you install will become a fixture that people will just walk past without even noticing. And as people take less time to stop and be inspired, the more likely they are to become stressed. Keep the people at work fascinated with dynamic art! Change up the location of the pieces or even replace them routinely to keep the stress away.


One thing you can try for the office is renting art. To make this process convenient for the office manager, the office can subscribe to a rotating art gallery and have new pieces coming in according to your chosen plan. Allow employees to help with the selection to maintain a fun and creative working environment.


You can also rent paintings from local artists or institutions such as a kids art organization and be able to give back to your community as you transform your office into a stress-free environment.


Another way to include local artists is by commissioning someone to create some office wall murals! What’s exciting about this is that you can customize your office wall murals with a design that exudes your desired office vibe. These installations are easy to touch up and update, too. This is surely one type of art that people won’t be able to look away from!


Overall, an office shouldn’t be a stressful environment! If anything, it should be the birthplace of innovative ideas and a productive place for creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. That being said, make sure to create an inviting office space, be it through art installations, art rentals, or through inspirational office wall murals. These are all surefire ways to make your office a pleasant space to work in.


Meta Description: Office art can help relieve stress and refresh your office environment! From office wall murals to renting paintings from your local kids art organization, use these tips to incorporate art into your office space and help your employees de-stress!

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