Regular exercise, regular yoga and eating a healthy diet increase one’s fertility!

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Did you know that being physically active, mentally happy and eating a healthy diet increases your fertility levels?


A newly born infant is like the beginning of the best of things in one’s life. Its birth is a wonder, filled with hope and a dream of possibilities! To get this ray of hope and joy in life, one needs to adapt to a healthy lifestyle.


Exercise / being active can boost your fertility levels (the ability to attain pregnancy). Women who exercise regularly tend to get pregnant quicker than women who don't exercise regularly. Pranayama (breathing exercises) in yoga helps lower the stress-causing hormone called cortisol in the body and increases the chances of conception. With lower or zero stress levels, one can get a peaceful and a good night’s sleep, which will detoxify the mind and body . Maintaining a healthy diet is equally important to have healthy fertility.


If facing any fertility issues or need some fertility guidance, our fertility experts at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre can help overcome all fertility issues with ease!! We provide end to end fertility solutions. With your hope, our expertise and HIS grace, you too can have a healthy baby and enjoy parenthood.


We make your most beautiful journey momentous, with our expertise. Nothing beats the happiness and pride of seeing our patients hold their bundle of joy in their hands.


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