Real steroids from online - guide 2021

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Real steroids from online - guide 2021

If we are talking about real steroids from online in 2021. then all I can say it’s not easy to find authentic suppliers and brands.



These days underground labs massively open their doors to online market but with low quality of products. Why is that? Well, anabolic steroids are huge business and specially for USA and UK market so not wondering many suppliers what their piece of cake.

How to recognize real and authentic steroid brands from online?

Here I bring few easily tips to recognize real anabolic steroids brands but before that I also want to mention important thing and that is beware of many scammers from online! Even they present some quality brands it doesn’t mean they actually have one in their hands and just want rip you off.

Let’s do some list how to make sure you found authentic brands:

Every real and authentic brands mostly comes from Asia BUT not China.

Every real product must have authentication code on label to check authenticity of product at official lab site.

Real suppliers provide authenticity check link at their site for brands which offered.

DO NOT send funds with suspicious money transfer option such as Western Union, real supplier will provide fair and safe online payment method such as Paypal. BEWARE some sites offering Credit card processing which is also type of scam because not possible to process credit cards for this kind of products easily.

Some of quality brands are: Meditech steroids, Alpha Pharma, Thaiger Pharma, Global Anabolic, British Dispensary, Platinum Biotech…

Steroid cycles offered from online market — tips

Maybe you do some research at Google and found that some suppliers offering steroid cycles for sale. Which is great if you amateur in this sport and not sure which products to take for willing success. Some of the most popular steroid cycles for beginners are:

Dianabol and Anavar

Testosterone Enanthate and Deca Durabolin

Sustanon and Deca Durabolin

Real steroid suppliers will offer you already prepared cycles by their experts for promotional price so you no need to look around which products to take exactly.

If you want build muscle mass then quality products are key to success and hope this blog post help you to determine real steroid suppliers.


from online market get increasing year by year. We can tell that some analysis shows that 75% of people searching for term “buy real steroids” and “real steroids for sale”. Just using a Google when they want purchase real anabolic from online market. Top keyword will be steroids for sale but on that search term you will find anything. From natural capsules to fake gears and etc.

Real steroids for sale online — it is a big risk?

Well, according to many steroid sites and customers experience while looking for real steroids for sale reviewsYou will find that many people have trouble and bad experience in this niche. Many scammers and fake suppliers advertise their online stores with cheap products price. They attract many potential buyers, once when funds for order has sent/paid they never reply again. Why is that? Well this industry is a HUGE on the market and purchasing anabolic steroids without prescription are illegal. In most of the countries so finding your gears online is the only way, not safe but the only way for sure.

Steroids for sale with Paypal

Let’s say that you found your online steroid supplier which you can trust. Now its time for place order and make a payment. Our deep analytics shows that 97% of steroids supplier online offers payment method Bitcoin. While only 3% of suppliers offering paying for steroids with Paypal. Of course no need to mention that Paypal is the safest payment method online and if you are lucky to purchase real steroids with Paypal. Then go right away and purchase it!

Can you buy steroids on Ebay or Amazon?

The simplest answer to this questions is: NO. Real and authentic steroids cannot be offered and sold trough major selling platforms such as Ebay or Amazon. Because of importing laws and regulations, these sites cannot offer real steroids for sale. As we mention before in this article, without proper prescription and only for medical reasons steroids cannot be obtained from your doctor and hospital. Other way are specialized online stores and websites which offers real anabolic steroids for sale. You can Google-it and read reviews on Trustpilot before decide which shop is worth to buy from.

Is it legal to buy anabolic steroids online

Without medical prescription purchasing steroids are prohibited. Importing steroids also not allowed. Some countries allow steroids for personal usage.

How much do real steroids cost?

If you are planning to run only oral anabolic steroids cycle, the cost for real stuff will be around 250–350 $USD. Oral steroid cycle includes: Dianabol or Anavar with post cycle therapy product such as Nolvadex. Beginner oral steroid cycle for example will cost you around 150–200 $USD. Here you can see the perfect beginner oral steroid cycle. Injectable cycles are more for professionals which takes every substance with proper dosages and with bulking/cutting procedure. Injectable cycle price may vary and real injectable steroid cycle can go from 300–1000 $USD. Depends on substances in cycle and for what is for.

Final words and tips before buying real steroids

This short blog post contains all major points which helps you to get your first anabolic order. Read, learn and listen about steroids before deciding to purchase from online. When you find real steroid supplier with affordable prices and highest quality gears, its most likely that you will returning to that shop. Roidspro is one of them so get your body in shape today and feel more alive than ever. If you still don’t know what real steroids are you can read on popular sites from clinics and doctors.

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