Real Estate Sales Funnel: Understand why you need it to sell more.

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Hi Broker. How are you? Turn and move we talk about the Real Estate Sales Funnel and there are many brokers who ignore this information because they don't know exactly what it is, how and what it works for.

Let's put an end to these doubts once and for all so that every broker understands, in fact, what a real estate sales funnel is and serves.

What is a real estate sales funnel?

The Sales Funnel is a tool that represents the different phases of the customer's journey in your company, from its arrival, when it makes the first contact with you until the closing of the deal.

As the name says, it has the shape of a funnel and is divided into phases, which represent the journey of your service, which can be





Each of them represents the moment of the customer in the purchase journey and, with this, guides you how to act in each of these moments.

And what is the Sales Funnel for?

To support you in customer service.

When you know exactly where your customer is in your sales funnel, what stage of the purchase journey they are in, you can respect each one of them and act more assertively.

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With it you will be able to have a global view of how the services are going, their conversion rates and thus identify possible problems in your service flow.

Translating this to your shopping journey:

1 - Qualification : This is where your leads will drop and you should check if they are really valid and / or are looking for properties, that is, qualify them to continue the service or discard them.

2 - Knowing : This stage is where your lead already qualified, goes to the discovery. You will identify his need, what he really looks for, what are his objections, his desires, his priority. Everything related to the client's trading profile.

3 - Scheduling : With the need already identified, in this step you will try to take your lead for the visit to the visit, until you arrive at the ideal property and take it to the negotiation.

4 - Negotiating : In the last step, as the name says, it is related to negotiation, values, payment, financing, in short… everything that is done until the moment of acceptance of the sale.

By identifying this, you can act correctly with the customer and immeasurably increase the chances of successfully completing the sale.

How to use the sales funnel on my real estate

To use a sales funnel in your real estate I recommend that you have a System for Real Estate with Sales Funnel.

And this does not depend on the size of your real estate company and your volume of services, not least because once you automate the processes, you organize and tend to have more time to create new businesses and, consequently, expand it.

It is humanly impossible to manage a Real Estate Sales Funnel manually, on paper or in excel spreadsheets, flowcharts and so many other possible and wrong ways.

Your day to day with Real Estate System with Sales Funnel:

In a real estate system with a sales funnel, the lead falls directly into it, in Qualification, and you can already see where it came from - social networks, website, whatsapp etc., going to record the service, taking the customer step by step for sale.

With a real estate system with a sales funnel, it is possible to monitor all the work of your team of brokers, close by, identifying, for example, the time it takes the broker to lead the client from one stage to another, if there are possible failures and to correct .

You can turn the tables!

The Sales Funnel is the best and most efficient sales tool today.

It is used by high-performance sales teams in the most varied segments, including real estate.

The tool allows you to practice the most coherent form of customer service possible, which, I repeat: it is the great secret of success for many brokers worldwide.

Speaking of which, you have already read “ Real estate services: how to have total control of this in my real estate agency. “? Here's the tip!

So, understand that this is not something about the modern broker or the new generation of professionals, but rather a management model for your business to be more efficient.

Start using the sales funnel on your real estate now and feel how powerful this tool is at the checkout.


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