Real Estate App Development company with Customized app solution

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Real Estate App Development company with Customized app solution

In Indian markets where land and building prices are rising, real estate is often considered as a great investment, whether or not the owner intends to use the property. Are you too acknowledging of real estate app development? But you are still in doubt as to whether to invest or not in developing a mobile real estate app is worth?

We net technocrats as a global leader in long-time Real Estate App Development Company, we can answer some you’re all questions and doubts and share a handful of tips that can help you raise the odds of your real estate application.

If you are in the real estate business, you cannot do without a digital application solution anymore.

Why there is need of an app in real estate business

In real estate communication with customers is mean to be very important.  According to the Report by the Report by the National Association of Realtors in 2019, above 80% of Millennial and 78% of New Generation found their property on a mobile device compared to 68% of Younger Boomers.

Above 90% of real estate companies have their online listings, but app development for real estate remains a promising direction for startups.

Today, in 2021 especially in the COVID-19’s pandemic time Applications have already become principal means of earning.  Even if your business is already present online.

The major benefits of making an app for a real estate website are as follows-


Through in-app promotional activities one can perform excellent marketing. We can easily target our users with the medium of ads based on their interests and behavior, i.e. only relevant advertising.

With the medium of app agents and clients are always in touch and respond quickly to their requests.

It reduced cost of advertising. Maintaining the interest of regular customers to the mobile application through interesting real estate app features, where we can save on the advertising campaign and boost its effectiveness.

With the medium of app, we can collect data on user behavior and use, which will help for more personalized approach to every client and for better business strategy.

Additional income through app monetization.

An app can simplify many of the internal business processes, like task management, reporting, analytics, etc. It helps to increase efficiency along with saving staff resources and budget.

Types of Real Estate Apps

Let’s check out the types of real estate solutions that exist in the market and try to clear your niche of an app that can become your most profitable investment because today this real estate industry serve many section of the society like Buyers, Sellers, Renters, Landlords, Agents, etc, so when considering a real estate application development, don’t restrict yourself to any kind of solution.

House Hunting or Renting Application

With the medium of these apps one can allows searching real estate for renting or buying based on location, address, state, or city, neighborhood, budget, or some other characteristics.

Mobile Solutions for Real Estate Agents

Such Real estate mobile application can reduce agent’s legwork and to a great extent relieve them of the paperwork. This app serve agents in different purposes like during communication with clients, documents & property management with client and in so many ways.

Property Management Applications

Nowadays, it’s crucial to check the status of a property and its insights into the listings at any given time. So working with a lot of property at the same time, real estate agents often look for a real estate app development company to craft a solution that will help them manage their properties.

Real Estate Investment Software

These are created for real estate purchasing property as a means of investment. These can help investors or agents in monitoring houses for sale and choose the objects according to specific criteria.

The Real Estate Marketing Apps

These applications  are more popular and demanding in real estate app development company where owners demand for  solutions that allow homeowners and agents to come up to the process of property selling in an unusual or creative way.

Real estate mobile app features

Customer panel

Signup and login

Database and listings

Property search

Property Categories and filters. 

Push notifications

Maps and geolocation

 Contact broker

Agent listing

Property submission

Admin panel


Property management.

 User management. 

 Revenue management. 

Customer support management

Subscription package management

Reporting & analytics. 



We Nettechnocrats being an experienced real estate app development company always being with you with innovative solutions for your Real Estate app development project which will benefit all those involved in finding and deciding on a perfect place to call home we like the projects that make people happier and their lives easier. We always advise customized app development since it allows you to implement the features you need and not be restricted to the functions of an off-the-shelf solution.

We work under the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) where we can neither name the client nor the specifics of the research.

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