Quick Steps To Convert QuickBooks Windows To Mac

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Quick Steps To Convert QuickBooks Windows To Mac

For business accountancy, QuickBooks offers different editions like QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks for Windows. This technical write-up will tell you the process to convert QuickBooks Windows to Mac easily. If you have any trouble with QuickBooks Mac to Windows, check out the article on Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows. 

Quick Methods to Convert QuickBooks Windows to Mac

Mentioned below are some quick methods to convert Quickbooks windows to mac. Follow these steps given below:-

Process 1: Preparation of Conversion Files in the Windows Computer
1) Get the QB installation file and then install QuickBooks for Windows.
2) Now, access as an administrator.
3) Access the Company File to open the File Menu. Select the Utilities here. 
4) Tap on the button Copy Company File for QuickBooks Mac and then follow the steps shown on the window. 
5) QuickBooks for Windows should generate a MAC.qbb file element.  
6) Now, To continue at this phase, select Yes. 
7) You should rename and ensure saving the file. 
8) Now, export the file to a Mac computer using any method like email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or using a pen drive. 

Process 2: Bring QuickBooks for Windows File to the Mac Computer
1) Ensure that you got the latest edition of QuickBooks for Mac on your macOS PC. 
2) If you need help updating the application, contact Accounting Error Solution. 
3) Now, save the MAC.qbb file element in the Documents folder of a macOS PC system.
4) Open QuickBooks for Mac program and then select File.
5) Now, tap on Company and select MAC.qbb file, and tap on Open.
6) You should see a notification just like this one, You Want to Restore the QuickBooks for Windows Company File. Select Yes. 
7) Give a file name and then tap on Save.

Winding Up
Now, after going through the article you know how to convert QuickBooks Windows to Mac. If you need help with the process of another way around, read this QuickBooks article Converting QuickBooks Mac to Windows

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