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quick service center for home appliances

IFB Microwave oven Service Center Matunga Road      

We provide excellent customer service to our customer. we can solve any kind of problem with your home appliances like a microwave oven of microwave oven whether it is a conventional oven, convection oven, microwave cum convection oven, Oven toaster grill, with the microwave technology it has become extremely easy to take ice-cold food and warm it in a fraction of minutes and the microwave oven is very efficient to reheat the food disincentive kitchen item, making citrus fruits juicer, if you have any issue with your microwave oven like microwave will not run, microwave will run but not heats, microwave touchpad not responding, microwave tray won’t run. Our IFB microwave oven service center Matunga Road is there to solve any problem we will send our technicians to your doorsteps and solve your problem     


IFB Microwave oven Service Center Mahim Junction

Searching for the best service center in Mumbai we are the perfect solution to your problem we provide service to microwave oven if it is not working prop rally no light inside the microwave oven, not heating prop rally, stopping in the middle of cooking make a call to our service center 8688821385 or 8688821743 IFB Microwave oven Service Center Mahim Junction the visiting charges will be 300 RS only once our technician solved your problem you get the problem again our technicians are experienced and skilled in repairing any of problem to your microwave oven we provide on-time service to our customers with the quality spare parts like grill heaters, motherboard, touch panel, swing motors.


IFB Air conditioner Service Center Mumbai Central

Looking for the best service center. We are here to solve any kind of issue with your home. Nowadays the air conditioners are very used l for better sleep, improve work performance, it also reduces the risk of heart stroke. Mostly the air conditioners are used in summer seasons there are six different types of air conditioners central AC, ductless, window unit, portable unit, hybrid our IFB Air conditioners service center Mumbai in the center is here to solve your problem within one hour there will be no delay in service provided by us we follow time service to customer call to our service center 8688821513 or 8688821745.


IFB Refrigerator Service Center Chembur

Our service center is the best solution to any kind of problem to your home appliances hear we provide service to refrigerators. if your refrigerator is not cooling prop rally, freezer problem, sheet on ice on the freezer floor, the ice maker is overflowing, the refrigerator is freezing the food, water leakage on the floor IFB refrigerator service center Chembur will provide genuine service to the customer’s, trust and background verified technicians we have in our service center, normal fees for visit of 350 RS only. book now 8688821387 or 8688821386 we will quickly respond to your call and send our technicians to your doorsteps


IFB Refrigerator Service Center Govandi

We provide genuine service to our customers our main aim is to provide good service and satisfy our customers IFB Refrigerator service center Goviandi provides you high-quality service to customers our service center has well-trained professional engineers to provide refrigerator repair we offer our service all over Mumbai. Nowadays the refrigerators are very useful we can store the food items so that they won’t be spoiled and stay for a long time we can keep fruits vegetables, curd there are different types of refrigerators IFB Refrigerator Service Center Govandilike top-freezer refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, mini-fridge, wine, commercial, with the increases in the technology now and updated refrigerators are coming into the market. Any issue call to our service center 8688821513 or 8688821385  


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