Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing Pre-Owned Watch

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Collecting watches could be a minefield, in case you are not cautious. It is worth noting that watch purchase comes with numerous stresses, be it sourcing price, paying the bill, or navigating insurance. And, the process could be murkier if you are planning to purchase one of the pre-owned watches Singapore.

It is important to understand that the market for second-hand items is huge and the market for wristwatches is no exception. Before you explore the available luxury watches in Singapore and choose the best one for you, it is crucial to ask few questions to yourself

Is the case polished?

Before you pay hard-earned money to buy a vintage watch, you would need to check if the case of the watch has seen a polishing feel. The shiny, as well as bright watch you see in the box, might be worn down and polished repeatedly in order to look smooth and clean. Therefore, ensure you look for the scratches, crisp angles, and lines. In case it seems perfectly line it might have been polished.

Do I need to get it serviced?

A vintage watch might seem to be running with no problem; however, it could be absolute luck. By the time the wristwatch begins to show signs of issues, you might have a bigger issue on your hands. You need to understand that just like other machines, watches are not designed for running indefinitely without maintenance. In case you planning to wear the vintage watch occasionally, you do not require servicing. However, if you wish to wear it regularly consider getting it serviced.


Is the bracelet of the watch stretchy?

The bracelet of the watch stretches when pins wear down. The drilled holes in links tend to expand and create space for the pins to jiggle and cause play in the bracelet. Some people like the stretch in the bracelet while some like it is tight. Before you purchase the watch ensure the end links are not bent.

Overlooking this factor could put the watch at the risk of falling off the wrist. However, you could prevent this with a thorough inspection. In case the end link is bent consider looking for another second-hand watch Singapore.

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