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Properties of turquoise stone for mental and physical health

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Turquoise stone is one of the most popular and old stones in Iran and all over the world. Turquoise stone is found in Iran, Egypt, Tibet, and Southwest America; But Neyshabur turquoise stone in Iran is the best and highest quality turquoise stone in the whole world, and the black veins in it distinguish Neyshabor turquoise stone from other stones in the world. Turquoise stone is mined in the cities of Neishabour, Kerman and Damghan in Iran, but the Nishaburi type is of higher quality and exports more and has more fans abroad.

Do not confuse halite with turquoise

Unfortunately, a stone called white Holite, which is very similar to white turquoise, has created a lot of confusion among people that this stone with the ability to change color quickly is sold instead of turquoise.

This stone (holite) is traded instead of turquoise because it is cheaper than turquoise, and in fact there is no foreign white turquoise stone, and it is this stone (holite) that is sold to people instead of turquoise.

istory of turquoise stone in Iran

Turquoise stone is one of the oldest stones in Iran and the world. This stone has a thousand-year history in Iran and is one of the beautiful and old stones. The name Neishaburi Turquoise must be familiar to you, because the main source of this mine is in the city of Neishabour. It should be mentioned that in ancient Iran, Neyshabor was located next to the silk road and many traders passed through this road, and this is how the turquoise stone was exported to European countries. Of course, in England it is mistakenly called Turkish stone because this stone was first exported from Iran to Turkey and then to European countries through Turkey.

In the old days and in ancient Iran, the turquoise stone was pronounced as the pyroze stone, and then the Arabs called it the turquoise stone; At present, this stone is known as turquoise stone. Turquoise stone has been used in buildings such as mosques, and even in the construction of the Taj Mahal in India, turquoise stone brought from Iran has been used. In ancient times, turquoise stone was engraved with devotional words in Arabic script and then decorated with gold.

Turquoise stone is an attractive and charming blue stone, which is blue due to the presence of copper in it. The more this element is in the original turquoise stone, the bluer its color is.

Properties of turquoise stone

The ancients believe that placing turquoise in any part of the body will attract disease and in the past they used it to treat sore throat or eye pain, so that they put turquoise on their neck to ward off the disease. self absorb Also, many people believe that it can be used as a tool for meditation because it is very relaxing and removes negative energies from people. It is possible to benefit from these properties for the human body and mind only by buying genuine turquoise.

The original turquoise stone has many healing properties and even looking at it strengthens vision and eye health and is very relaxing. It also helps with lung inflammation and respiratory diseases. Even in the past, they believed that this stone can turn an enemy into a friend and keep and preserve friendships for a long time; That is why it was called victory stone in the past because it brings victory and success by absorbing positive energy. Many people believe that if turquoise is given to someone as a gift, it will bring a lot of luck to that person.

This stone, which is known as the stone of peace and tranquility, can reduce human stress and help people psychologically. Even the Egyptians in the past called it the stone of life and used it in the production of their jewelry. Therefore, this stone has been considered as a lucky stone in ancient Iran, ancient Egypt and even Native Americans. If you buy the original turquoise stone, you can take advantage of all its properties for the health of your body and soul.

Even those who have used it believe that this stone is very useful in the treatment of long headaches, sinusitis and migraine. Depending on your taste and needs, you can use turquoise stone in rings, necklaces and even bracelets and benefit from its healing properties.

How to maintain turquoise stone

This stone should not be exposed to strong light and heat and contact with any chemicals. Therefore, you must remove your turquoise ring when washing your hands.

Avoid contact with turquoise stone with any chemicals, alkalis or games and only wash it with hands and lukewarm water; You can also use a soft cloth to clean and polish turquoise stone.

source: فیروزه اصل

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