Post-orgasmic reactions a woman_s body can experience

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Post-orgasmic reactions a woman_s body can experience

Sometimes orgasms are defined as out-of-the-body encounters. However, they are also a full-body experience.

After knowing what happens in the human body during an orgasm, it will no longer surprise you that your body can react in various ways afterward. These responses can be comforting, such as an intimate talk with the partner. Or these reactions can be uncomfortable, like a sex headache.

Some people tell unusual experiences after or during an orgasm, which include delusions or momentary hearing loss. A woman even reported having orgasms in her left foot!

Here are a few things that can occur after an orgasm. It is important to note that orgasms can be distinctive for everyone and it’s not possible for two people to experience them in the same way.

Bonding with your companion:  Through orgasm, the human body discharges a hormone named as oxytocin. It is also called the “love hormone.” When it is released, the couple tends to feel close. Touch can also initiate the secretion of oxytocin.

Post-sex blues (postcoital dysphoria): You might have felt inexplicably down or annoyed after sex, even though the activity was a delightful encounter? Well, it is because you could be experiencing postcoital dysphoria (PCD) or called post-sex blues. This condition influences women who might appear more sensitive after committing to sex with their partner. However, physicians aren’t certain regarding the exact cause.

Better sleep: Another hormone that is released by the body during an orgasm is prolactin. This hormone can make people drowsy. Women can obtain an extra benefit here as estrogen discharged during an orgasm can act as a sleep inducer, too.

Sex Headaches: Some people produce severe headaches after sexual activity, particularly after an orgasm. Usually, sex headaches happen not to be serious, but you should talk to your doctor about them. Sex Headaches can be controlled with medication.

Sneezing: For some people, just wondering about sex induces a burst of sneezing. But for others, sneezing can occur after orgasm. Scientists don’t understand why this happens in both cases. One likely reason is a disconnection in the nervous system, which manages responses we don’t certainly think of, such as breathing and metabolism, also sneezing, and sexual reaction.

If you are bothered by any of these post-orgasmic reactions, don’t feel shy to address them to your doctor.

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