Point of Sale Errors and Issues Intuit

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Point of Sale Errors and Issues Intuit

QuickBooks Point Of Sale refers to an important role in all types of organizations (small, medium, or large) business enterprises. QuickBooks POS provides complete services to its users in all fields related to accounting and payroll. QuickBooks POS also allows you to integrate some other software like Payroll, QuickBooks, and others. However, this smooth-functioning often is disrupted because errors and issues are coming in QuickBooks Point of Sale. Some QuickBooks POS users getting an error here we describe all types of QuickBooks POS errors and issues.


QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server:

The error you received QBPOS Cannot Connect to Server, your company file already use and open in another computer.


The server is not set for multi-user mode

Window Firewall issue

Improper configuration

Steps to Fix Error:

Setup server to multi-user mode

Network discover option is to be turned on

Renaming the WSActivity Files

If you need any help to fix QuickBooks POS Client Cannot Connect to Server.


QuickBooks POS Error 100:

Error code 100 you received while operating any POS device that is restricting them to use the POS application. 


Database Manager of POS is not working

Your system does not fulfill the system requirement

Microsoft.Net Framework issue

Steps to Fix Error:

Ensure your system meets minimum system requirement for QBPOS application

Updating QuickBooks POS with the latest updates

Login as administrator rights

Reinstalling Microsoft.Net Framework

Run QuickBooks POS Database Manager

If an error persists, another method to fix QuickBooks POS Error 100.


QuickBooks Point of Sale Unexpected Errors:

The error you received When you trying to opening QuickBooks Point of Sale. POS unexpected errors indicate the error message when users trying to run the program. The error message you received.

Error Message: Due to invocation exception was thrown off the target.

Error 100 database server not found “08w01”

Unexpected error occurred: Please restart POS. Exception from HRESULT: 0x88980406.

Initialization for the configuration system has failed.

1766120 Error – Status: Invalid License Key, Key Denied.

Unable to access the application through the Point of Sale symbol.

Error Message: QBPOSShell has stopped working


Your system does not fulfill the system requirement

QuickBooks POS Database Manager issue

MS.Net framework damaged or corrupt

Steps to Fix Issue:

Check Your System Configuration

Download and Run The Microsoft Component Clean-up Tool

Create a new Windows user

Restart QBPOSShell

If an error persists, another method to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Unexpected Errors.


QuickBooks POS Multi-store Error:

Error Multi-store you received an error when running store exchange. Different type of Multistore exchange error code 175315, 175414, 193, 175411, 175305, and error code 2.

Error code and message show:-

Error Code 175135: Unable to store exchange file.

Error Code 193: Your QBPOS primary key for dept keywords is not unique.

Error Code 175305: No details available, Go to VIEW LOG’ to read more.

Error Code 175411: Enter the wrong store number

Error Code 175414: Trying to copy a file and detect this error.

File s0X#####.qbt (Error Code:2): Store exchange password, does not match the password in preferences.


Not proper set-up of QuickBooks POS Multi-store preferences

.QBT file damaged

You are not logged in Microsoft Windows as an administrator

Another store configured using your license number

Steps to Fix Issue:

Run store exchange

Try to send the mailbag again

Enter the same password in both (store exchange and store exchange preferences).

If an error persists, another method to fix QuickBooks POS Multi-store Error.


QuickBooks POS Error 1330:

Error 1330 you received When trying to reinstall QuickBooks POS version 7 on Windows XP. Error occur due to invalid data signature and unrecoverable loss to your QuickBooks data.


Damaged QuickBooks software installation

Corrupt company file

Inaccurate date and time setting

Steps to Fix Issue:

Log in as a system Administrator

Update QuickBooks Point of Sale to the latest release

Uninstall then Reinstall QuickBooks POS

If the error persists, read the complete article to fix QuickBooks POS Error 1330.


QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 121:

Error code 121 you received When trying to sign in to QuickBooks as admin rights. Error message received "Permission denied error".


QuickBooks POS Entitlement folder/file are missing or damaged

During install the QuickBooks Point of Sale

Doesn’t have permission to access the files

Steps to Fix Issue:

Delete all the data in the Entitlement Client folder

Permanently remove the WSActivity.xml file

Close all the QuickBooks POS Process and services

If an error persists, read our full article to fix QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 121.


QuickBooks POS Error 193:

The error 193 you received your Primary key for dept keywords is not unique.

Error message show:-

Error 193:0xc1 Windows could not start the QuickBooksDBXX service on Local Computer

Services: Windows could not start the QuickBooksDBXX service on the Local Computer.


Corrupt or damaged .qbw files

Damaged QuickBooks company files

Merging customer names

Deleting the customer names

Steps to Fix Issue:

Run Clean installation of QuickBooks desktop

Manually update Windows

Deleting .qbt files

Create a new remote file

More steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 193.

Hope you fixed the issue very easily if anyone still facing QBPOS errors. Need to contact QuickBooks POS support team to fix issues instantly over the phone.

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