Paraphrasing And Summarizing: Uses, Similarities, And Differences

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Paraphrasing and summarizing are the two similar yet different terms frequently used in academic writing. An essay typer will say that paraphrasing or rephrasing sentences is a more intricate term, and summarizing or saying the main point of the essay in a more concise form is easier to do. However, most often, students confuse the terms and swap the procedures. 

Here are the uses, similarities, and differences of paraphrasing and summarizing to bring an end to all your confusions. You must be aware about Plagiarism free essays.


Paraphrasing is understanding the concept of another writer’s work and redefining it in your own words without changing the original text's meaning. A paraphrased looks similar to the original text but is more concise than the actual writing. When you write a paraphrased text, you can add your thoughts to the rephrased concept of the other author keeping the main point intact. When you use a paraphrasing tool, it spins the text without changing the content. Here you can find academic writing services easily.


You use other writer’s works for your academic writing needs

Use other writer’s quotes

Concept needs more attention than writing style

Understand a text consisting of complicated terms


 When you “write my essay summary,” you concise the main point of your text and use your own words to describe it. In summary, the outline of the text is much shorter than what it is in the original document; you only take the essence of the writing, throwing away the explanations and reasons.


to describe the main concepts of the writing

only the outline of the complete text is needed

to simplify the complete text

to explain only the highlights of the work

    Similarities between summarizing and paraphrasing

allows you to display your skills in understanding and explaining the text as per your knowledge and mindset

helps you to avoid plagiarism

considered lawful ways to use or refer texts and ideas from a source

helps to clarify the meaning of a text in a comprehendible manner

you have in-text a citation in a suitable referencing style in the main document and add reference to the original text at the end of the paper

aids in understanding the concepts in simple terms

are essential techniques for effective academic writing

may include short quotations

does not alter the meaning of the original texts


Paraphrasing is rewriting the text in your own words without changing the meaning, while summarizing is the overview of the content

In paraphrasing, the length of the text is similar to the original, while in summarizing, it is much shorter

Paraphrasing is distinctive and precise, while summarizing is broad and brief

Paraphrasing uses a section of a text while summarizing uses the complete text

Paraphrasing is translating a critical text, while summarizing is restating the central context of the text

The uses, similarities, and differences of paraphrasing and summarizing mentioned above will help you to use these tools appropriately in your academic writing. Avail 100% secure and best essay assignment help services.

Summary - The uses similarities and differences of paraphrasing and summarizing mentioned above will help you to use these tools appropriately in your academic writing

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