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Online training management software

Improve your Training Allocation Process with an Online Training Management Software

If you think taking internal training courses is a chore, then just wait until you build some. Here we test and compare several business online learning platforms with features that can help simplify the building process.

Training must be managed across your entire organization. Training Management software delivers the ability to do just that. However, old, outdated systems that rely on your in-house hardware can require immense resources and must be regularly updated and upgraded. There is a better solution – web-based training management software offers a more agile solution that delivers key features essential to achieving your mission.


Centralization with Training Management Software

Track and Monitor Progress and Results

Track individual completion rates and make sure that learners stay on track

Dive into metrics to see where users are spending more time

Track which modules are overdue so that they can be fast-tracked for compliance needs

Remind employees about training that is due through emails and other automated reminder

Granular reporting

How successful is your training system? Are your employees learning what they’re supposed to be? Or are they barely passing those assessments in an attempt to finish the material and get back to their duties? With training management software, you can delve deep into these questions with granular reporting.

Reduce Financial and Time Costs

Training is vital, but it is also expensive. Not only do you need to pay for employees to complete their training, but you must invest in learning materials, hardware, software development, updates, upgrades, and so much more. Web-based training management software helps change this paradigm.With web-based software, you don’t need any special hardware. That automatically eliminates some serious hurdles. You also don’t need to worry about updates or upgrades, as those are handled behind the scenes by the software developer. Data security is also provided for you, taking yet one more expense off your plate.

Custom Course Development

There should be no cookie-cutter approaches when it comes to training. What works for one company may not work for another. Your business may need specific content or entire modules developed that don’t apply to other businesses in your industry. With web-based training management software, custom course development is not only possible but simple. Just create the content and then upload it, complete with all your brand collateral.


Simplify training management process with well-defined workflow, and reduce time & costs needed to maintain multiple training programs.

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