Online food ordering script: Methods involved in developing food delivery apps.

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 Online food ordering script: Methods involved in developing food delivery apps.

Food cravings are difficult to resist but we cannot go to the restaurant whenever we want. As the process involves traveling and it is also time consuming. The Seamless clone app overcomes these challenges, providing the ordered food at doorstep. Users can select the apt food items using the advanced filters and pay using any one of the options available. 

In order to develop an app like seamless incorporate these aspects in the business model:

Unique customer features:

  • Social media integration

  • Referral program

  • Pop up notifications

  • Feedbacks and review

  • SMS and live chat

Revenue streams:

  • Sale from meals: The owners of the app gain a small commission from each transaction.

  • On page advertisements: Owners can post advertisements and promotional content on the website.


  • Website 

  • Mobile application

  • Delivery vehicles

  • Advertisements and promotions

Targeted customer

  • Busy professionals: The people who do not have the time to go to restaurants.

  • Companies/Employees: The people go to restaurants or eateries for their lunch. These are a convenient way to attract a large number of people. The app can provide people with the coupons and discounts.

It will be profitable to own an on demand food ordering app script considering the growing trends in the market. App owners need not burden themselves with the tedious task of app development as Appdupe offers white label clone apps with fully customizable features. Clients can change the name, logo, and many more according to their requirements. The maintenance and upgradation are taken care of by the developers. Visit our website to learn more.

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