On This Halloween, Glam up yourself with the classic Glee Bomber Jacket!

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On This Halloween, Glam up yourself with the classic Glee Bomber Jacket!

The year is going just like a fast racer car that doesn’t know how to stop! Started causally from January, and here we’re now in the quarantined October. This year has ruined our many favorite holidays but not anymore because despite having a virtual Halloween party, you cannot choose to let go of your Halloween spirit by taking the ‘dressed up’ thing lightly!

Halloween is and always has been one of the best times of the year when everyone gathers around, dressed up as their favorite characters, and has the fun of a lifetime. So, to create the same magical effect again, we are here with one of the most exquisite recommendations for Halloween, The Glee Cheerios Cheerleading Jacket! 

However, before jumping straight on the jacket, how about getting a free ride of remembering what Glee was and it’s magical characters that we’re still holding on to? If that sounds pleasing, then hop in the ride because we’re about to begin our journey of ‘reliving the past once more!’ 

Didn’t the atmosphere become extra hot suddenly? Oh, it’s just Glee! 

The fabulous tv-series of six ever-green seasons, Glee is the perfect musical comedy with an intriguing plotline that you binge-watch right away. This series’s plot revolves around the lives of a musical choir group that tries to bring back the former glory of their high school. But as everything isn’t easy; thus, the members face every hurdle of their lives, which contains each element of relationships, sexuality, social issues, friendships, and of course, the refreshing songs that are still available on every music station. Despite being ended in 2015, even today, people are rewatching the show, and guess what? It’s on Netflix too! So watch it now if you haven’t and stream it again even if you’ve watched it, as sometimes all you need to is, relive the moment one more time! 

Do you still remember the popular Glee characters? Here are some of it! 

  1. Rachel Berry 

Played by the charming Lea Michele, Rachel Berry was and still is the light of Glee. Not only did her character grow with us, but there was always something about her that always attracted everyone towards her. From making stupid decisions to realizing how everything wasn’t about her, from paying the price for her shattering dreams to never getting a perfect ending, Rachel Berry made us angry and sentimental at the same time. 

  1. Santana Lopez 

Santana will always be in our hearts for being one of the best characters on the show. Despite Rachel being the star, Santana never missed a chance to connect with us or surprise us with her alluring aura. Her love for Brittany and coming out episode will always be remarkable in the tv-series history. From finding her own-self, singing ‘MINE’ to being friends with Rachel even after all the fights, and making the last season’s episode watchable, we all need Santana in our lives! 

  1. Quinn Fabray 

The list is incomplete without her, the typical blonde badass queen who’d do anything to stay in the limelight and, of course, the head cheerio of the cheerleading group as well. Quinn was the reality-check of what usually happens when you can’t control your emotions. However, she did get her life together at the end, so that was good. 

Let’s talk about our Halloween essential: Glee Cheerios Cheerleading Jacket! 

Now that we’re in the full spirit of Glee, it’s relishing bomber jacket will be a perfect fit for Halloween. With the classic red and white combination, simple collars, rib-knitted sleeves, hemline, and the iconic M, Cheerios logos, you’ll look stunning in this vintage-style Glee Cheerios Jacket. 

Just imagine wearing this, all styled up as one of the cheerleaders and appearing on the screen or making an entrance in the party, no one will be able to take their eyes off you, and that’s precisely what we call ‘The Glee Effect.’ So, forget every other outfit you have in mind and aim straight for the Glee look by getting its inspired jacket on this year’s Halloween! 

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