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Regardless of texture, color or style, there is one thing that almost everyone wants: hair that looks like it has passed through the hands of a hairdresser professional every week.

But if there's just no time on your ever-growing list of things to do, and if you'd rather those extra 20 minutes in bed than wait for the keratin-rich hair mask to do its magic, read on. We've talked to the top experts in the beauty industry for their seven, yes, just seven key hair rules you need to follow to have the happiest and healthiest hair of your life.

1 Apply warm oil to hair
Grandma was right about this! Using a warm natural oil on the hair can do wonders for scalp health, hair health and texture, and also stimulate overall well-being. Here are some oils you should consider including in your regimen.

2 Use rice water as shampoo and rinse for hair care
The Chinese village of Huangluo, home to the native women of Red Yao, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as "the longest-haired people in the world." Women here have long, shiny, healthy hair that is constantly maintained. The villagers believe it is a symbol of luck, longevity and prosperity. So what's the secret of your fabulously manibully mani manibulous hair? An ancient but extremely simple Chinese remedy: rice water! This magic potion, used as a natural shampoo and rinse for centuries, clearly works wonders. In fact, women don't usually start to blacken until they're almost eighty years old. Rice water has a multitude of components with nutritional value for hair.

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