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The notion of purchasing experience is very close to that of “customer satisfaction”. It corresponds to the feeling that your visitors and customers will have during their navigation and their purchases on your site. Your store is designed to generate sales and make them recurring. 
However, the equation is simple: a customer satisfied with his experience is a loyal customer. It is therefore in your interest to optimize and continuously improve the shopping experience on your E-commerce site. How to do? Where to start? What are the trends? Here are our tips.

1) Take care of the appearance of your online store
In terms of conversion, the aesthetics and design of your site can make all the difference. For good reason: 93% of e-consumers consider visual appearance to be a key element in the purchasing decision. Half of the consumers have already left a site because they didn't like its aesthetics.  Visit for the shopping of magic mushroom capsules, shroom pills, psilocin pills, shroom capsules, gold caps. 

2) Combine clarity, originality and fluidity

Pay special attention to your home page. She's the one that will get the most traffic, so it's very important that your visitors understand who you are and what you're offering to them within seconds. A clear and precise home page will make them want to know more.
Another very important point: keep in mind that the 2.0 Internet user, in addition to being demanding, is above all very impatient. Be sure to minimize the number of clicks required to access any information. Without it, your site will quickly be labeled "confused" and it's a safe bet that you won't convert many people.

Consumers are increasingly using their smartphones or tablets to research a product, prepare, or make a purchase. The quality of navigation on your site must therefore be irreproachable, whatever the terminal used.

Finally, minimize check-in procedures. You need to collect information about your customers, either. But what good is it if the form to be completed scares them away? It is proven, purchases increase by 45% when you remove the obligation to register at the time of the purchase phase. A good ear ...

3) Don't neglect your product sheets!
Managing your product sheets is indisputably one of the essential links in your E-commerce strategy. In addition to the technical characteristics (considered "cold", although essential), do not hesitate to enrich your product sheets with differentiating content.

Original descriptions, staging and usage tips will arouse the interest and engagement of your customers. You can even bet on multimedia data such as visuals allowing interactive 360 ° views of your products, videos (presentation, tutorials, etc.). A PIM tool can help you optimize your product listings.
Optimize the payment stage
The expectations of consumers when it comes to buying and paying are clear: they want an experience that is simple, frictionless and personalized to their needs. For them, this translates into the ability to buy and pay from any device and sales channel, anytime, anywhere.

Please note, this step has a decisive impact on the conversion rate. Indeed, customers often abandon their cart if the payment process is too tedious or if their preferred payment methods are not offered.

Some payment platforms will allow you to optimize your ordering process. For example, you can activate 3D secure on certain risky transactions, or allow the customer who has forgotten a product in his order to complete it by means of a payment supplement sent by SMS (which some financial intermediaries offer such as Payplug for example).

Another point: more and more users check the return conditions before making a purchase. For example, the mention "satisfied or refunded", or the free return reassure and encourage the act of purchase.

In this context, we advise you to adapt and optimize your payment strategy as much as possible in order to reduce costs while generating maximum sales.

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