My Best Tips For Photographing Snow

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My Best Tips For Photographing Snow

As a landscape photographer, if there’s one thing I look forward to the most when the season turns cold, it’s the snow. As I’m writing this from Boston where last year we received a crippling amount of the white and fluffy (if you live in the city, then you know it’s never white and rarely fluffy), I still find myself just as excited about the first snowfall as I was when I was a kid: only for many different reasons.


The longer your focal length is, the more shallow your depth of field will become for a given aperture – which is illustrated in the photo above. I used a 300mm lens here, which gave me multiple layers of snowflakes at various sizes. At f/4, I was able to use a rather small aperture to create some soft bokeh (although f/4 is pretty large in the scope of photography, it’s considered small for creating a super thin slice of focus like in this photo). This added texture and depth to a very light snowfall; if I had used a deeper depth of field and/or a wider lens, the snowflake interest would have been much less recognizable.

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