Multi-vendor E-commerce platform and its trump card in marketplace

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Multi-vendor E-commerce platform and its trump card in marketplace

Mobile commerce has been the most happening thing in today’s generation. Millennials find it easy to equip their mobile phones such a way that it becomes the ultimate solution for everything. This trend has made the job of vendors easy as well. They are getting a wide spectrum of audience from everywhere. This is all done with the help of the launch of the multi-vendor business via the apps. Multi-vendor ecommerce platform is nothing but the two way marketplace where various vendors of various products or commodities assemble at a single platform and the customers who are not just the consumers of one commodity but various commodities pay a visit to the app to purchase the products of their choice. 


There are many multivendor marketplace available in the market and one of the oldest and most prominent are the apps like amazon and eBay etc. amazon is founded in the 90s and ever since the demand of it has been steeping 2020, its revenue is reported to be 158 billion US dollars. This shows the amount of success it holds in the market that is the number one app in the multivendor apps.


Turnkeytown developed an Multi-Vendor Marketplace Script that is very cost effective and could be afforded by any business holder be it small scale or big so that everyone could experience the steeping revenue by taking part in the most successfully running business.vendors of various products step on digital platform by a simple sign up process and then display their products in the app with an image and text depiction of the product. The customers who wish to buy it simply clicks on the product and makes the payment process to buy them. 


Let us see the advantages and various features of the on demand ecommerce script. 




Since multiple vendors get into one app, there is almost nothing that cannot be bought from this app. Also one too many vendors may sell the same commodity. This enhances in bringing more choices for a single product for the user. 



The Ecommerce clone app does not have the burden to maintain an inventory and have a system to monitor and maintain them. All the vendors have to take care of their own individual inventories and the app just serves to grab customers and gets the vendor notified on the order placed by them.



the multiple features in the app helps the users to have a smooth shopping experience. let us look at some of the features that provide it.


·         Easy user/ vendor registration.

·         Advanced search bar and filters.

·         Detailed menu.

·         Easy payment system.

·         Order history, wish list options.

·         Offers, discounts and coupon codes.

·         24/7 customer support.

·         Live tracking 

.         Live notification of product status through mail or SMS.




one must always catch up with the latest technology and try to implement them in their product. that is why availing Multi Vendor Ecommerce Script at turnkeytown is a wise move because they provide constant support through new upgrade release, optimisation, bug fixing etc.


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