Moon In 2nd House

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Moon In 2nd House

Moon In 2nd House For Aries Ascendant

Moon rules 4th house in Cancer and sits in 2nd house in Taurus, where it is exalted, in this Aries Ascendant Map. The person has strong bond with his or her mother. From mother and house, this place brings a lot of money. Since 4th house is early education, the 2nd house is voice, and the Moon is nourishment, this also indicates an individual who is a teacher and makes money by teaching children.


Moon In 2nd House For Taurus Ascendant

The Moon rules 3rd house in Cancer and sits in the 2nd house in Gemini in this Taurus Ascendant Map. Clearly depicts an individual who is thinking about 1000 business ideas at the same time. A very artistic person, a calming speaker, with potential to earn money by singing. Aside from that, these people are excellent authors. In this case, Mother becomes a source of money. Since mind is still business focused, it is best for these people to be businessmen.


Moon In 2nd House For Gemini Ascendant

Moon rules the 2nd house in Cancer and sits in 4th house in Virgo in this Gemini Ascendant Map. It demonstrates that mother is source of wealth and money. Person works in profession that demands lot of detail-oriented work and research from home or in private environment. Mother instils in her children the importance of being calculating and rational when it comes to money. This will also reveal anyone who earns money by teaching from home.


Moon In 2nd House For Cancer Ascendant

Moon dominates the first house and sits in the second house in this Cancer Ascendant Map. It depicts a human who is deeply devoted to his family. It demonstrates his desire to provide for his family in the manner of a mother. Mother assumes the role of family leader in this capacity.


Moon In 2nd House For Leo Ascendant

Moon rules the 12th house in Cancer and sits in the 2nd house in Virgo in this Leo Ascendant Map. As a result, it seems that a person's income is derived from hospitals and the care of others. His mind is constantly focused on these issues, and he is constantly assessing whether or not items with the 2nd house are in order.


Moon In 2nd House For Virgo Ascendant

Moon dominates 11th house with Cancer sign and sits in 2nd house in Libra in this Virgo Ascendant Map. Libra is symbol of business, so it could indicate someone who works in family business and earns money. Since the Moon and Venus (Libra's lord) are also female planets, this indicates business involving female products. This demonstrates a well-balanced mindset. This demonstrates gains from Mothers and Senior Ladies.

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