“Meshkov refused to shake my hand. Is this a boycott from the judges? " Slutsky's monologue about Russian refereeing

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I had an egregious case with Vitaly Meshkov after the final game of the season with Rotor: the referee refused to shake my hand and defiantly turned his back. Apparently, the referees were offended by my words. When I spoke about the service personnel, it was not an attempt to offend the judges. I have heard the phrase many times: “The match is served by a team of referees ...” It is “serves”. Did I discover America that judges are service personnel? And I do not understand the offense, Vilkov's words super league about two higher educations. He said: "Arbitrators are highly educated people, someone has two higher educations." And what, service personnel - a synonym for people without education? We even have deputies - this is also a discussion staff, and "servants of the people" is a direct expression.

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