Merchandising Can be a Sure-Fire Strategy For Free Advertising of Your Book

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Merchandising Can be a Sure-Fire Strategy For Free Advertising of Your Book
Everyone who views or follows today's social media celebrities understands that virtually everybody is advertising a line of merchandise. The same strategies work with authors and merchandise could be part of a book marketing plan. Merchandising offers fans a way to interact with a book of any kind and performs exceptionally well with novels and children's books.

It's a form of advertisement that can make a profit if it's effective enough. Since you produce and sell (or license) it, the merchandise is under your authority, and you can manage the imagery and the text – much as you do in ads. If there is no merchandise for your book, it's normal for fans to make it themselves. Hence, it's in your interest to be proactive with the merchandise.

If you feel merchandising is right for your book, there are a variety of options to consider. Moreover, keep it in mind as you're developing your marketing plan. Apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and caps are the most popular. They let fans wear your book cover, logo, characters, or favorite quotes from your book.

You can have an illustration made that represents a crucial moment in the story. The same creative content works for posters, which are also popular, especially with younger fans. If your work resonates with them, a poster is a sought-after souvenir, and many will collect one from each of your books.

If you choose to promote your book at an event or at a place where you'll be making a speech or presenting, consider accessories. These include tote bags, wristbands, buttons, and other related things that people can carry, wear or use. They're always decorated with pull quotes, titles, and they cover art.

There are few limits on what can succeed when you think creatively. If you've been at an event where hundreds of people were wearing a tote bag, you appreciate the exposure that they gain. It's a way to get the book on everyone's mind, and they're taking it home in a way. It could serve you very well.

If you desire to connect yourself with technological advancement, don't ignore the electronics mediums and cover them. For example, a smartphone case is a product that people carry 24 hours a day, wherever they go. It creates a long-lasting connection to your book and is visible to your friends and family.

Of course, eReader cases make sense, but they are less visible in people's everyday lives than on their phones. Mugs and drinking glasses are an eternal favorite and will offer your book years of free advertising exposure. Whatever element you choose, sold for a profit or offered for free, merchandising can benefit your book.

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