Maximizing Engagement Over the Phone at Your Front Desk

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Maximizing Engagement Over the Phone at Your Front Desk

Emotionally engaging with customers over the Front Desk phone is an invaluable part of your UPbook business’s success. It’s not enough for clients to simply have a need, then have it filled — that doesn’t leave any guarantee of repeat business. In order to secure a customer for life, they need to be bonded with your business from the start.

Many front-desk employees — including many UPbook members — complain of feeling insincere or fake during new-client calls, especially when using the methods above to try and secure an appointment. How do you combat this?

Train your UPbook front-desk staff to let their natural passion shine through. They’re people-lovers, and when that comes through over the phone, it’s not being insincere. The other trick is to avoid rushing — this makes a big difference in the caller feeling truly valued.


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