Managing a Small Business’s Finances

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Small businesses require a lot of effort by a small number of people that work behind the scenes. One of the critical roles in these businesses is the business advisors that handle the business's finances.


Reasons for a Small Business to Hire Business Advisory Services

Launching a small business requires a lot of contemplation and planning. A business advisor should be an essential part of the initial planning sessions to advise the company on its financial matters. Here are a few of the main reasons many small business should avail of small business consulting firms New York:


Experience: Especially at the initial stages of building the business, the small business owners do not have enough experience to take care of their finances effectively on their own. Business advisory services in New York are experienced in the field and can give the best advice for the business to manage its finances.


Efficient: Business advisors save the small business time and money by asking the right questions and providing them with objective advice to come out of any crisis due to mismanaged money or avoid the situation altogether

Expertise: Those who start a small business may not know enough about the business’s finances to get the most profit out of it. Business advisors are their best bet to profitability as they have the right expertise for the job, especially as they are up-to-date with the latest rules and trends in the financial world.

Strategize: Financial advisors can give the business a straightforward business plan that will work as they are not emotionally attached to the company. Thus, they help strategize the financial plan for the future of the business.

Coordination: They can also assist small business owners in coordinating their finances with their business expenses to ensure their plans and strategies are affordable.



The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act implemented in March 2021 has provided slight business relief in New York during these financially trying times. There are several options provided within the COVID-19 relief funds for small businesses.


Some of these include

a loan that helps the owner pay their employees if and when they are unable to

the economic injury disaster loan helps small business owners that have had a cut in their revenue due to the onset of the global pandemic

for businesses that required a live venue for their business can avail of the shuttered venue operators grant as they were forced to shut down due to COVID-19

small companies that were worse hit than others and are previously existing borrowers of the SBA loan services can avail of the SBA debt relief funds. The borrowers are reimbursed with six months of interest, principle, and other related payments

There may be some businesses that are eligible for more than one of the clauses above. In such a situation, they can consider the available options in the cross-program relief.


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