Magento Website Maintenance

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Magento Website Maintenance

As a store owner, you need to ensure that the store runs seamlessly all the time. One might think that the monthly maintenance of your Magento website is a tedious task but it will save a lot of money and time in the long run. The Magento support team at Mage Monkeys keeps your store updated, stable, and optimized at all times.

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We're always on the alert for downtime, server hardware issues, backup/storage issues, and, any security concerns. Downtime, server hardware issues, backup/storage issues, and security risks are also significant sources of concern. You don't have to worry about it because our team keeps a close eye on it.

We have listed 8 important steps that summarise the complete monthly Magento website maintenance that you must follow:

Step 1: Analyze the site’s performance

Step 2: Examine site speed

Step 3: Execute security measures

Step 4: Check on broken links

Step 5: Test forms

Step 6: Examine the order process

Step 7: Backup is important.

Step 8: Keep updated content on the site

The best way to do this is to know the elements on this list and have an experienced maintenance partner to take care of it. Typically, it comprises seemingly small tasks which can make a massive difference when it comes to keeping your online store in good condition. The above points summarize the maintenance of your Magento store to a large extent. To carry out the monthly maintenance of your Magento store smoothly you may require hiring professionals. At Mage Monkeys, we cater a complete range of services, right from development to migration, customization, maintenance, support, and more.

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